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Termite Control and Treatment


Hi-Tech Termite Control specializes exclusively in advanced termite control and termite extermination methods. As such, you’ll find our depth of experience and expertise unmatched in Southern California when it comes to exterminating termites. Just what type of termite treatment you may need will depend on how extensive your termite infestation is and what an inspection reveals. You may not need to tent! However, we do offer fumigation services on top of our less-invasive termite exterminator services.

  • Eco-Friendly Microwave Termite Treatments

    Hi-Tech has been specializing in non-toxic Microwave treatment methods for over twenty years. As one of the most experienced operators in Southern California, we will quickly determine if the microwave treatment is the right option for you. More info ...

    Localized Termite Treatments

    Our inspectors will create a convenient and eco-friendly treatment plan that combines the Microwave, Termidor, and/or Orange Oil. We also use a fiber-optic scope to determine how far termites have traveled into the walls. Read More...

    Termite Fumigation & Tenting

    Since every home is different, our inspectors may recommend fumigation in certain cases. More info ...

  • Signs of Termites

    Recognizing the early signs of termites can help you avoid heft repair costs.

    Here are 5 signs of termites that you should be diligent about in protecting your home

    1. Swarms of winged insects that may look like flying ants or piles of discarded insect wings. Termites grow up in one of several forms (a process called polymorphism). One of these forms is called a swarmer, a winged termite raised exclusively for the purpose of flying off to start new colonies.

      Seeing them around your home could mean they are leaving an established colony in your home or just arrived to start a new one. Get professional advice to find out.

    2. Raised mud tracks on exterior walls or under the house. These are subterreanean termite tunnels created to protect the termites from predators and from low humidity as they access the timbers in your home.

    3. Heaxagonal sided wood-colored droppings. You may find small piles of these below any small holes in walls and ceilings. They are also signs termites or the drywood variety.

    4. Flaking, bubbling or cracked paintwork should be closely investigated for signs of termites as it's often an access point for swarming termites of the drywood variety.

    5. If you suspect termites in any of the wooden beams try tapping them with a small hammer or your knuckles. If they sound more hollow in some areas than others this may be a sign that termites are hollowing out the inner part of the beam, creating a honeycomb effect.

    If you find signs of termites a licensed termite company like Hi-Tech can validate or allay your fears with a free inspection of your home.

  • Termite Treatment Cost

    Termite treatment cost is usually derived from the initial treatment coupled with a preventative control program if you don't want termites to repopulate the structure.

    The cost of termite treatment depends on the size of the structure treated and whether whole-structure or spot treatment is required.

    Chemical Termite Treatments

    Chemical termite extermination is generally priced by the linear foot.

    Microwave Termite Control

    Microwave treatments for small areas of infestation generally cost per area of infestation treated and the difficulty of access.

    Fumigation Treatment

    Fumigation cost is based on the cubic feet of the house or building, This may include any attached structures such as patios, balconies and garages.

    Termite Control Using Baits

    The bait extermination process is also priced by the linear foot.

    Termite Extermination using Heat

    Heat extermination where the building also requires tenting may cost about the same as fumigation.

    A free termite inspection will determine your best course of action and the associated costs.

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