Q. How do I know I have termites?

A. There are three (3) species of wood-destroying termites in Southern California. The Drywood, the Subterranean, and the Dampwood termites.

Drywood termites are the most common termites found in Southern California.  About 78 percent of structures inspected each year are infested with this type. Subterranean termites are found in approximately 26 percent of structures, and Dampwood termites are found in approximately 2 percent.

Drywood termites leave piles of droppings or pellets near their nest. They also swarm on warm days, leaving the nest to breed. Swarmers look like red ants with wings. Actually, they have a red head and long brown body.

Subterranean termites are ground dwelling termites and build tubes to access their food. Look for mud tubes or swarmers in the spring months. Subterranean swarmers look like small black water ants with wings. The easiest way to differentiate flying ants from termites is to check the insect’s wings. If the wings are short, stubby and end at the rear end of the insect, it is a flying ant. If the wings are long, tear-shaped and twice the length of the insect, you’ve got termites. Hollow holes in wood is a strong indicator that you have termites.

Q. Can any structure be treated with the microwave process?

A. No. If a structure has very heavy infestation throughout and has been left untreated for years, the structure should be fumigated first, then controlled by the microwave process.

Q. How does the microwave process work?

A. Drywood termites are found in the structure by a visual inspection and then with detection devices. Once detected, the microwave is directed at the termite nest, heating the area to about 200 degrees. Termites are over 90% water and boil to death. There are also low toxic chemicals used in conjunction with the microwave method depending on the species of termites and where its nest is located.

Q. Do you also fumigate?

A. Yes.

Q. What does a two (2) year service contract mean?

A. Unlike other companies, our service contract is quite simple. Your entire structure is covered for two (2) years against any old or new infestation of Drywood termites, regardless of what area of the structure the infestation occurs. All service calls during your contract period are free of charge. This covers the original and the extended service contract if renewed after the first two (2) years. Hi- Tech also offers contracts on subterranean termites where other companies don’t.

Q. Do you have to be out over night with the microwave system?

A. No. Treatment time usually runs about five (5) hours on the average home. You may return to your home as soon as the treatment is completed.

Q. Will there be any damage to my roof with the microwave system?

A. No. Hi-Tech Termite Control does not walk on your roof with the microwave system.

If termites have invaded your property call Hi-Tech for a free inspection.