Alternative Termite Treatments CaliforniaWhy Our Alternative Termite Treatment Is Better Than Tenting

When it comes to termite control, there is an easy way and a hard way. There’s an environmentally friendly way, and there’s a environmentally harmful way. There’s a comfortable way, and an inconvenient way. Here at Hi-Tech Termite control — Southern California’s source for termite control solutions — we can provide termite extermination in both forms, but we prefer the easy, environmentally friendly, comfortable solution. Let’s talk about our microwave termite treatments, our cutting-edge alternative to the traditional tent fumigation treatments.

Alternative Microwave Termite Treatment Is Easy

With a simple inspection, we’ll identify the source of your termite problem. Once we’ve determined where these pesky pests are actively multiplying, a technician will use our focused microwave unit to heat and exterminate the termites and their eggs. This treatment is easy because it can penetrate the surfaces of your walls. In this way, we can target specific locations that would otherwise be unreachable with chemical treatments (unless you resort to tent fumigation). Easy peasy.

Microwave termite control tech is non-invasive!Alternative Microwave Termite Treatment Is Environmentally Friendly

Fumigation means pumping toxic chemicals into your home. It’s these very chemicals that exterminate the termites throughout your abode, but they can also harm the environment. The chemical doesn’t simply disappear when the tent is pulled off of your home. Instead, it dissipates into the environment. You wouldn’t want to breath insecticide in full force, why would you want a bit of it lingering in the air?

Microwave treatment, on the other hand, is completely localized, and it causes no harm to the environment (aside from pulling a few watts of energy from your home). There’s virtually no harm to your home or to the environment.

Alternative Microwave Termite Treatment Is Convenient

When you opt for termite fumigation, you’ll have to vacate your home for a few days. Moreover, you’ll have to take your family, furry friends, food, and flora with you. On top of the cost of fumigation, you’ll likely have to shell out some dough to stay at a hotel in the interim.

With microwave treatment, we try our best to stay out of your hair. Since our unique, alternative unit is mobile and totally localized, we can perform a termite extermination in a jiff without shooing your family out of the home. Keep up with your normal day-to-day rigmarole without missing a beat.

Curious about our alternative termite treatment? Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more! We’re here to rid your home of termites. Hi-Tech Termite Control provides termite inspection and extermination throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.