No one wants to hear that they have termites in their home. The first thing that people typically imagine is a million little termites eating away at the wood beams in your home. The second thing that people picture is their home with a huge fumigation tent with toxic pesticides being spread throughout their house to exterminate the termites. While fumigation is still necessary in some situations, in recent years, there have been other alternative, safer termite control solutions discovered including an orange oil treatment. 

The orange oil termite treatment from Hi-Tech Termite Control is a safe and effective way to remove a termite infestation from your home. With this termite treatment, you are not required to leave your home and we don’t use any harmful chemical pesticides that require a tent. We simply use an oil that is made from d-limonene, a naturally occurring compound extracted from orange peels. This compound kills termites and termite eggs on contact, and is extremely low risk for you, your family, and your pets. 

Continue reading to learn more about the great benefits of our orange oil termite treatment, and if you are concerned that you might have termites living in your walls, contact Hi-Tech Termite Control in San Diego for a free termite inspection

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You Can Stay In Your Home

Since our orange oil termite treatment is safe for you, your family, and your pets, you can remain in your home while we treat the infestation. Unlike traditional termite fumigation, we don’t use any harmful, chemical pesticides that are dangerous to breath in. With the orange oil termite treatment, you can continue to live your life, while the termites in your home are safely and effectively exterminated. 

Safe for Your Pets

When we apply our orange oil termite treatment, we drill small holes in your walls, inject the oil, and then patch and repair your wall. There is very little risk of you or your pets coming into contact with the orange oil treatment since it is safely sealed inside of your walls. You will not have to remove your pets from your home at any point during treatment, although we usually recommend placing them in another room so that we can apply the orange oil without any distractions. 

Environmentally-Friendly Termite Treatment

Our orange oil termite treatment is made from 95% d-limonene. This naturally occurring compound is a terpene that is found in orange peels. This type of termite treatment is made from sustainable sources and does not release any dangerous chemical pesticides into the air, water supply, or your home. 

Saves You Money

During a termite fumigation where you are required to leave your home, you will find that there are many more expenses beyond the price of the treatment itself. You’ll have to find a place for lodging, a place for your pets to stay at a shelter or with a sitter, and you’ll have to feed you and your family the entire time your home is being fumigated. With our orange oil termite treatment, you won’t have to worry about any of these additional expenses as you will not be required to leave your home at any time during the process. 

No Chemical Pesticides

When you choose our environmentally-friendly orange oil termite treatment, you will be making a decision that prevents more chemicals from being released into the environment. In addition, since our formula does not contain dangerous chemicals, you will also not be subjected to the harsh chemical smell that is associated with many pesticides. With our orange oil termite treatment, you will only smell the faint scent of oranges. 

Lasts for Six Months

Our orange oil termite treatment immediately kills any termites that it comes into contact with as we inject it and it spreads through the porous wood. It also kills any termites that come into contact with the fumes rather quickly. After we perform the injection, our orange oil termite treatment works for six months. This means that for six months, the orange oil kills termites and termite eggs, eventually eliminating the entire infestation. 


One of the biggest benefits that our customers enjoy with our orange oil termite treatment is the convenience that it offers compared to fumigation. You won’t be required to leave your home, find lodging, find a shelter or sitter for your pet, remove valuables from your home, or be inconvenienced in any other way. After our termite control team comes into your home and applies the orange oil treatment, you can go back to living your life as you normally would while the treatment goes to work inside of your walls. 

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Do you live in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, or the surrounding areas? Do you suspect that you have a termite infestation in your home? Hi-Tech Termite Control can help. We offer our environmentally-friendly, safe orange oil termite treatments as well as other alternative termite treatments. Contact us today and schedule a free termite inspection to get started.