We'll exterminate termites in your home.Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we provide a variety of termite treatment solutions. Why? Simply put, certain solutions are better than others, depending on the circumstances surrounding your termite infestation. If, for instance, you have a minor termite infestation problem that is localized in a specific area in your home, you wouldn’t want to go to great lengths to have an exterminator fumigate your home (that process can be quite costly and quite inconvenient compared to alternative termite treatments). Hi-Tech Termite Control provides termite control services for our neighbors throughout Southern California, including those in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — call today to get started! You can also continue reading to learn more about our localized termite treatment solutions, our microwave treatments, and traditional fumigation treatments.

Localized Termite Treatments

We offer chemical extermination treatments for termites. We’ll locate the source of your termite issue and determine the appropriate method to infiltrate and destroy that source. Our termite insecticide specifically targets termites, attacking their nervous system. This insecticide is especially powerful since it can be transferred from termite to termite, ensuring faster, more thorough results. We can use chemical termite treatment within wall structures, and we can even penetrate the subsurface of your home if you have a subterranean termite issue. This alternative form of termite treatment works alongside our microwave termite treatments – you can read more about microwave treatments below. For additional information surrounding our localized chemical termite treatments, feel free to take a look at this page.

Microwave Termite TreatmentsMicrowave termite control tech is non-invasive!

Microwave termite treatments serve as a potent alternative to tenting and fumigation. With our microwave technology, we can target termites (both adult termites and eggs) with a fatal dose of microwave radiation. Again, we’ll locate the source of your termite infestation, and we’ll zap those termites to exterminate them. Get more information surrounding our microwave termite treatments here.

Termite fumigation is one of our services!About Our Traditional Termite Treatments

Take note, we also provide traditional termite fumigation! If you have an extensive termite problem throughout the structure of your home, fumigation may be the last and only possible option. You can learn more about our termite fumigation services here. We advise our clients to consider alternative localized termite treatments first, since they are noninvasive, environmentally friendly, and far speedier to complete.

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Hi-Tech Termite Control is your local, Southern California source for both traditional and alternative termite treatment solutions. We’re proud to offer termite treatments for folks throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. Please feel free to get in touch with a Hi-Tech Termite Control representative to learn more about our termite extermination services, or to schedule an appointment! We’re here to help you reclaim your castle by wiping out those pesky termites!