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Ant Treatments in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County

In California, ant communities seem to flourish. Southern California residents know that ants are not only a nuisance, but they are also very difficult to eliminate from the home. Our add-on approach to pest control is to provide the best possible treatment with a good residual while keeping costs low for the homeowner. Hi-Tech provides ant extermination treatments and control for residents throughout Southern California, including those in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — call today to schedule a free inspection.

Based on the customer’s budget, we offer a flexible one- or two-year warranty upon completion. At the expiration of the initial warranty, we will offer an annual extension to keep the home free of ants. This warranty is transferable at no charge.

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Our Add-On Ant Treatments Include the Following Services:

Chemical treatment zone around the home exterior
We apply an insecticide around the perimeter of your home that’s designed to repel and eliminate ants. This treatment zone ensures that those ants that are around your property yet haven’t made it into your home won’t make it into your home.
Gel baiting
We utilize gel baits in your home to eliminate any infestations that have already occurred. Gel baits are surprisingly effective at eliminating entire ant colonies. We use baits that have an appetizing chemical that attracts ants. These ants pick up the chemical and bring it to the heart of the colony, where they transfer the gel to other ants in the group. Then, the chemical slowly activates and eliminates any ants that have come into contact with the gel.
Wall dusting
Wall dusting is a technique that is used to treat ants that are in the voids of the walls of your home, or between the floorboards and the ceiling. While it may otherwise be difficult to reach these ants, wall dusting makes quick work of ants in those hard to reach places. We use carbaryl dust or boric acid to exterminate and deter ants within your home.
Lawn granules throughout the yard
Slow-release lawn granules further provide a perimeter of protection around your home. Often, ants crawl across your lawn into your home. Plus, ants can build their ant hills in your yard. We use granules that stop ants in their tracks, so your home remains ant-free.

Ant Extermination FAQ

Will ants harm my home or family?

Fortunately, most ants won’t cause any (major) harm to you, your family, or your property. While some ants do bite, their bites are non-lethal, and simply just a bit painful — some bites can also have a lasting sting. In addition, most ants won’t do anything to your home. However, carpenter ants can turn your home into their home. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood to make nests for their colonies, so it’s best to wipe out these ants before they can cause any damage to the wood components of your building. Unlike termites, carpenter ants simply chew into your wood to make nests, they don’t consume the wood in your home.

Do I have ants or termites?

Ants and termites have distinct body shapes. Ants have a thin waist, compared to the rest of their body, and they tend to have longer legs and antennae than termites. Termites have short legs, short antennae, and a long, tube-shaped body. Both ants and termites may grow and shed wings. You can also identify termites by their droppings (which are small pellets), and if they make mud tunnels (an indication that you have a subterranean termite infestation).

Can ants grow wings?

Ants can and do grow wings when they are mating or when they are transitioning to a new colony.

Ant Prevention Tips

If you’re constantly dealing with ants piling into your home, or if you simply want to prevent ants from finding their way into your abode, you can try out these tips:

Keep your home pristine

Ants are attracted to food and water. If you have crumbs lying around the house, these communicative creatures will find the food source and inform other worker ants in the colony. Soon enough, you’ll see a neverending trail of ants. It’s best to keep your home, especially its kitchen and dining area, clean. Be wary that ants are particularly attracted to sweet foods, so keep sweets in airtight containers.

Keep moisture from accumulating around your home

Ants need water as much as they need food to survive. Do your best to keep moisture around your home to a minimum. If you have water on your counters, take a second to dry them off. Also, be wary of the area around your washer and dishwasher. Be mindful that ants can also find their water source in your bathroom, and be wary that your basement can collect enough moisture to support an ant colony.

Use gel baits

If ants are a recurring problem in your home, you should invest in a few gel baits to kill off that ant population. As we mentioned before, gel baits are an effective extermination solution, thanks to their delayed reaction, and the ease of transference of the gel between ants.

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Rid Your Home of Ants Today

If you have an ant invasion, or if you’d simply like to take steps to keep ants from finding their way into your home, we can help. Call Hi-Tech for our ant control and prevention services. We work with folks throughout Southern California.