5 Myths about Termite Infestations Debunked

August 10, 2023by LBN

The one problem all homeowners want to avoid is that of a termite infestation. Modern termite treatment methods mean that it is now possible to quickly and efficiently get rid of an infestation and prevent the insects from returning. While everyone today has access to professional termite control services, people are often misled by myths and old wives’ tales about termites and this causes them to ignore or overlook an infestation, underestimate its severity, or try DIY termite treatment methods. All of these acts of omission and commission can place a home, as well as those living in it, at serious risk. Knowing what some of the most common myths and fallacies are will enable a homeowner to avoid a lot of pitfalls and will help give the home the termite protection it needs when it needs it.

Myth 1: Because upper floors are not in direct contact with the soil, they are safe from termites.

Termites can travel both horizontally and vertically. That means they can enter a structure from the ground level and then move up through the building, reaching the higher floors with ease.

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Myth 2: If a previous owner had termite control done, there is no need for the new owner to get it done.

Many factors affect the efficacy of a termite treatment such as when it was done, whether it was a professional job, whether any environmental and human factors may have degraded the treatment, etc. A termite control expert, after inspection, will be able to advise if treatment is needed.

Myth 3: Only old homes are at risk of termite infestation.

Modern construction techniques and construction-related termite treatment may reduce the possibility of termite infestations, but these are stubborn and hard-to-kill pests and without expert treatment, no home is safe.

Myth 4: Homes with less wooden furniture have a low risk of infestation.

Some types of termites live in the soil. Others feed on wood found in the open. Every home has some amount of wood and other cellulose-based material in it. This means that no home is completely safe from a termite infestation.

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Myth 5: Termite tenting is the only effective termite control method.

This was true in the past, but now there are other methods available that are equally effective and environment friendly and which do not require the occupants to leave the home while the fumigation is being done.

Termites are insidious insects that can enter a home and do a great deal of damage before a homeowner is even aware that he has a problem. Besides knowing the myths, there are 2 vital facts that every homeowner must be aware of.

  1. There are some obvious signs of termite infestation, but many can only be noticed by trained termite control professionals. The longer an infestation remains unnoticed, the more is the damage done.
  2. Only a professional termite control company will be able to get rid of an infestation completely and also do preventive termite treatment to keep termites from coming back in the future.

Ignore the myths. Contact a professional termite control company to have a termite inspection done. If an infestation is found, it will be completely removed and treatment is done to prevent a recurrence.