DIY Termite Control Is Dangerous

April 18, 2023by LBN

Americans love doing it themselves. Besides saving money, the pride inhandling a problem yourself is the icing on the cake. However, there is DIY and then there is DIY. Sewing on a button is easy, as is painting a wall. But pest control, which involves the use of toxic chemicals is a whole different ball game. Most homeowners are not familiar with using these chemicals and have no training in their use. Going to a home improvement store to buy some bug spray to get rid of flies and mosquitoes is fine, but problems like a termite infestation require professional expertise. Here’s why:

Underestimating the Problem

Spotting signs of termite activity in the home does not mean that there are a few termites around. Signs of termite damage mean that a nest already exists and the infestation has set in. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. DIY termite control methods focus on getting rid of the signs of termites, not removing the insects themselves. That results in a homeowner relaxing because he thinks he has fixed the problem while the reality is that the damage continues undetected. It is only when signs of serious termite damage become apparent, that the realization that the termites were not removed, dawns.

Using the Wrong Chemicals

All kinds of termite removal agents are easily availableover-the-counter.That means that like OTC medications, they are mild and safe for a layman to use. That’s fine, but termites are tough creatures, and mild efforts to remove them never succeed. Termitescan only be completely and effectively removed if a real estate termite inspection has been done, the extent of the infestation determined and the right solutions applied. That requires a professional termite removal company.

Health Hazards

Even with OTC termite removal chemicals, precautions must be taken. If not, the health of the person doing the work, as well as that of others in the house, could be at risk. Even the mildest of insect removal chemicals have toxic elements. Relaxing and taking it for granted that the use of these chemicals and compounds is risk-free can cause all kinds of health problems for both the people and the pets living in the home.

DIY Can Be Expensive

DIY is not inexpensive. First of all, the money spent on it will be wasted when, as is most likely, the solution is ineffective. That is money down the drain. Then there is the matter of the additional damage the termites did between the time they were first noticed and the DIY methods used to the time when it was realized that the efforts did not work. Because DIY may have driven the termites deeper into the wood where thedamage is not visible, the destruction may be far greater than if professional action had been taken at the get-go. That will mean higher repair bills.

When it comes to pests like termites, DIY efforts are not the right way to go. You could do more harm than good and undoing the damage will often cost more than if professional house fumigation services had been used at the outset. All it takes is one call to a reputed professional termite control company in your area to keep your home and your family safe both from the risks of termite damage and the dangers of DIY efforts gone wrong.