Don’t DIY When It Comes to Termite Treatments

April 14, 2017by

Termites are disastrous. They infiltrate our homes, and claim them as their own. Beyond that, they devour wood by the pound, which can destroy the structural integrity of your home. In this way, termites can be costly, and given enough time, their damage can be dangerous. So, when you notice a termite infestation, it’s natural (and smart) that you’d want to do something about it. However, termite extermination shouldn’t turn into a do-it-yourself project. Termites are difficult to exterminate, and if a colony isn’t completely eliminated, the termites may divide and swarm, which can cause even more problems! Termite inspections and exterminations should be performed by professionals. There are numerous techniques and tools that can be applied to fully exterminate termites, and professional exterminators have the skills necessary to utilize these unique techniques. Let’s go over the various termite extermination techniques that we offer here at Hi-Tech Termite Control of Southern California, as well as why it’s best to have a professional perform each technique.

Microwave Treatments

Microwave termite treatments are relatively new to the industry, and they can only be performed with specific microwave devices. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we use a patented XTerminator™ microwave device to eliminate termites that reside in walls throughout homes and buildings. Microwave treatments have a 97.4 percent efficacy rate on the structure that was treated, according to a state of California study. Microwave treatments target all termite species and termite types, including queen termites, worker termites, and termite eggs. Microwave treatments with the XTerminator 4.0™ (our most recent microwave technology) must be performed by a trained professional.

Termidor® Applications

Termidor is a liquid chemical solution that specifically targets termites. This termiticide can be applied to the envelope of a home in order to control a termite population. Termites that come into contact with Termidor can transfer this powerful insecticide to other termites within the population. Whenever a termite contacts or ingests the Termidor solution, it will die in a matter of hours. Termites spread the Termidor solution to other termites, which makes this treatment effective at wiping out entire termite populations.

Due to its potency and the process necessary for an effective Termidor treatment, Termidor can only be applied by trained and certified Termidor treatment professionals. Termidor treatments require a technique, called “trenching and rodding” which requires specific tools, and may require a survey of the land surrounding a building. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, our team of specialists are certified to safely apply Termidor to exterminate termites and provide preventative termite control. Learn more about Termidor on their website.

Soil Treatment

Bait stations can be placed within the soil around a home in order to attract and exterminate termites. Bait stations contain bait that eliminates termites which consume the bait. Although bait stations are less effective than Termidor and microwave treatments, they may be an adequate solution to keep termite populations from infiltrating a home or building. Termite bait stations should be installed by a professional, in order to ensure that they are well spaced to protect your property. In addition, bait stations should be inspected regularly (three to four times per year) and replenished to remain effective.


Fumigation is often a last resort treatment for termites, and it can only be performed by a professional extermination outfit. Since tenting requires highly skilled techniques and a toxic chemical product, only trained, certified exterminators should attempt this extermination technique. During a fumigation treatment, you’ll have to gather your all residents of the home (including animals), all plants, food, and cosmetic products and vacate the home for three days. Vikane®—a toxic gas—is utilized as a termite fumigant. It will not leave residue on the property left in the building during a fumigation.

Count on Hi-Tech Termite Control Professionals

button-1In short, we hope that you’re convinced that termite treatments should be left to professional exterminators. Don’t turn termite extermination into a do-it-yourself project. You could seriously injure residents of your home, and you can damage the home itself. Instead, count on the professional extermination experts here at Hi-Tech Termite Control. We provide a suite of termite extermination services, each suited for your particular situation. Get started with a free termite inspection! Learn more about our termite treatments or give us a call! We provide termite control services throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and much of Southern California.