Exploring Termite Removal Methods: Is Microwave Treatment a Viable Option?

May 16, 2023by LBN

The thought of tenting and fumigating a home to get rid of a termite infestation makes many people uncomfortable. Even though modern termite control chemicals are extremely safe and pose no risk to human health as long as they are properly used, people still hesitate at the thought of having to pump chemicals into their homes. The fact that the chemicals are government approved and their use is strictly regulated may ease some concerns, but often the disquiet remains. Besides the fear of chemicals in the home, other reasons for avoiding house fumigation services include having to pack up all the food in the house, having to remove indoor plants and having to go through the hassle of finding a place for the family (and the pets) to stay while the tenting is going on.

Till recently, putting up with the discomfort and unease was the only option if a termite infestation had to be removed. However, today there is another option available that is just as effective, does not involve the use of chemicals, does not require food to be removed and does not need the family to stay away from home for a long time.

Microwave Termite Removal

The process is similar to the way your microwave oven works. The focused microwaves cause the water molecules in the food to vibrate and generate heat which warms or cooks the food. The heating starts from the inside. When termites are subjected to microwaves, they heat up from the inside and die. There is a lot of advanced technology involved in the use of microwaves, but that is the basics of how it works.

The Process

Instead of an oven, a special device that projects and focuses microwaves onto the area to be treated is used. This causes all the termites in that space to be destroyed without the need to use chemicals. Because the microwaves penetrate walls and other surfaces where termites reside (without damaging those surfaces) the insects have nowhere to hide and cannot escape the microwaves. Termites have a 7-stage life cycle and microwaves will destroy the insects irrespective of the stage.

Microwave or Fumigation?

Both microwave and fumigation are effective termite control methods. In some cases, one may be more effective than the other. A professional termite control company will start by doing a complete real estate termite inspection. Once this is done, the experts will decide on which treatment is preferable for a specific case and advise the client accordingly. If both options are equally effective, the client will be able to choose the treatment. The termite control service will provide all the information needed to make the right decision. In other words, if a homeowner wants to avoid the use of chemicals in the home, the professionals will use microwaves, as long as there is no technical reason to avoid them. In most cases, the option is left to the client. Some termite removal services combine microwave termite removal with the use of plant-based products to ensure total termite removal. These supplementary products are non-toxic and do not require the residents to stay out of the home.

If you have a termite problem or want to be safe and prevent a termite infestation, contact a professional termite removal company. It will conduct the inspectionand then give you the best options for getting rid of the pests and also provide you with information on the prevention of future infestations.