How Effective Is Eco-Friendly Termite Control?

November 17, 2022by Kristin Herron

The world is going green and that is great. There are, however, a few places where the question of going green or doing things the tried and tested traditional way arises. One of these is termite control.

Termites Ruin Lives

This is not being dramatic. Termites can eat away at a home and in the worst case make it unliveable. They can also eat away at wooden furniture and other cellulose-based objects within a home, many of them either very valuable or of such sentimental value that they are irreplaceable. A home, and what is in it, are at the center of a family’s life and any loss or damage to it can have a devastating financial and emotional impact on those who live in the home. That is why taking risks like trying DIY termitecontrol methods is unsafe. The insects may appear to be gone, but they are usually still just below the surface, continuing to cause unseen damage that only comes to light when the situation is desperate. That is why using only a professional termite control company to deal with termite infestations in San Diego is so crucial. This is the only way to be sure that your home and possessions stay safe. However, even here, there is a choice to be made and that is what type of termite control process to use?

Fumigation Termite Control in San Diego

This is the traditional way of getting rid of termites. A house is tented and then filled with toxic chemicals to kill any termites that are anywhere on the premises. While it is effective, it does have 2 major drawbacks. The first is that the house cannot be occupied while tented which may take a few days. This means that the family has to find somewhere to live, all the food must be removed from the premises and a place has to be found for indoor plants and pets to be housed until the fumigation is over. Once the tenting is done, the house has to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of toxic materials. The second issue is that the use of these chemicals is not environmentally friendly.

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Non-Fumigation Termite Control in Orange County

This is an eco-friendly way to get rid of termites. Homeowners are often reluctant to have these methods used in their homes because they think that eco-friendly means gentle and ineffective. This is wrong. Non-fumigation termite control is as effective as the traditional method. There are various methods available including the application of microwave energy to kill termites and the use of natural plant-based treatments that get rid of the insects. The family can stay at home during the process and food, pets and plants are all safe in the house.

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Which One?

The right way to ensure that your home is completely protected is to contact a professional termite control company that offers both fumigation and non-fumigation ways of dealing with termite infestations in San Diego. The company will explain the procedures to you, tell you about the benefits of each, and give you reasons why a particular method may be better for your home. Whichever way you go, you can relax knowing your home is safe and covered by an unconditional 3 years warranty which can later be followed by an annual service plan.