How Long Does Termite Fumigation Take?

February 20, 2023by LBN

Because of the serious damage that termites can cause to a house and what is inside it, any action to remove the pests must beeffective in getting rid of them completely. And getting rid of the termites is not enough, termite prevention steps must be taken to ensure that they do not return and continue their destructive activities. One of the most effective ways is fumigation.

What Does Fumigation Involve?

The first step is to contact a licensed termite removal and prevention company. The company will do a detailed inspection of the house and surrounding areas to identify the type of termite that is present and the size of the infestation. Once that has been done, the company will suggest the most effective termite removal method for your home. If fumigation is advised, this is what will have to be done:

  • The dates for the fumigation will have to be decided upon.
  • Before the tenting begins, you will have to move the family, pets, food items and anything else that could be adversely affected by the fumigation out of the house. The termite company will guide you on what you need to do and how to do it.
  • You will need to find a place for the family to stay while the fumigation is going on.
  • The duration of the tenting and how long you will need to stay away from home will depend on the size of the house, the extent of the infestation and other factors. It is generally 3 days and the termite company will give you a detailed time frame.
  • Once the tenting is removed, the house will be aired and the air quality inside it will be checked to ensure that it is safe to be occupied again.
  • Once everything is okay, you can move back home to your termite-free house.

DIY Termite Removal Is Dangerous

Having to move out for 3 days sounds like a pain which is why so many homeowners fall into the trap of trying various DIY termite removal techniques that are available online that promise to save people from the hassle of moving out. Some of these are useless and others are, at best, only partly effective. As a result, homeowners relax thinking that they have taken care of the infestation but in reality, the termites continue to wreak havoc on the house. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Moving the family, pets, etc. out of the house for a few days is a pain, but it is nothing compared to the pain that termite damage and the resulting huge repair bills can cause.

A top-rated termite removal company will offer non-fumigation termite removal also. This microwave-based method of removing termites is completely safe and the family can continue to live in the house while it is going on. Talk to the termite company about the duration of the fumigation process and other options available. Acting according to the advice of experts is always the best and safest way to remove termites. It is far safer than DIY methods. Remember that you will be living in the house for many years and spending 3 days away to keep it safe from termites is a small price to pay for keeping your home, family, and finances safe.