How to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

January 11, 2023by LBN

Prevention, as the adage goes, is better than cure. It is a universal truth and among the various facets of life that it applies to, an important one is termite prevention. If you live in areas of California like San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, you know that these are regions where termites are rampant and it is extremely difficult to protect your home from them. Once they get into a building, they can do huge amounts of damage before their presence is noted. That’s when you have to call in a termite company and once their work is done, you have to get the damage repaired. Preventing a termite infestation is not easy, and unless you have your home treated by termite control experts, there is no guarantee that the termites will not find their way in. That said, there is a lot that you can do, on your own, to make your house less attractive to termites.

  • Everyone knows termites eat wood. If you have wood lying exposed on the ground, termites will come, sooner or later. If there are any components or parts of the building that are in direct contact with the earth, the termites(which are attracted by the wood) will have a direct passage into the house. Wood sidings, window and door frames, and other wooden components should be at least 6 inches above ground level to prevent termite access. Soil and mulch may have to be pulled back from the foundation of the house,steps and posts should be on a concrete base, latticework should be modified to prevent contact with the ground, etc. – all these are expensive modifications, so it’s wise to consult a professional termite control company before starting. It may be able to offer more effective solutions.
  • Do not allow moisture to collect near the foundation. This will attract termites as they love damp places. Any water draining outside the house should be diverted away from it by well-planned gutters. The ground near the foundation should be sloped awayfrom the structure so that water flows away. Pipe leaks, outside faucets that leak, and water dripping from air conditioners, all have to be mended. Lawn sprinklers should be placed so that water does not collect near the foundation.
  • Crawl spaces must be properly ventilated and kept dry. Beyond what the building codes demand, it is worth while to have the area checked by an expert to see if there are other steps you need to take to protect your home.
  • Do not store wood, paper, or anything containing cellulose inside the crawl space or near the foundation. This will not only attract termites but depending on how the material is placed, may offer the pests a pathway into the building.

Doing all this will help to protect your home from termites, but as already said, it does not mean that termites will not be able to get in. There is only one way to prevent termites from entering and that is by calling in a professional termite control company. Termite control professionals will check your home for termites, perform termite treatment if required, and then provide you with termite prevention treatment options that will ensure your home’s safety.