How to Keep Termites Out of Your Garage

May 13, 2019by

Your garage may be a vulnerable point for intruders who are trying to make their way into your home — no, we aren’t talking about burglars. Your garage may be the best access point for termites, and, if it has loose wood lying around, it may prove to be an ideal habitat for these pests. So, what can you do to mitigate the chances that termites turn your garage into their home? How can you ensure that termites aren’t attracted to that delicious pile of lumber that you keep in the corner of your space? Well, we have a few tips that you can employ to keep those darn termites from transforming your garage into their habitat. And as always, you can count on Hi-Tech Termite Control if you should notice a termite infestation in your garage (or home!) — we provide termite treatment and protection services for folks throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties from our home here in Southern California.

Make Lumber Difficult to Access

As we all know, termites look for lumber. Whether you use your garage as a woodshop, or you simply have a few sticks of 2 x 4s sitting around in the corner, your space may be targeted if you have loose wood around the garage. Be sure to clean up after any wood projects that you take on. Vacuum up or blow out any sawdust that you create, since this can attract a new colony. In addition, you should keep your wood elevated off the ground, and ideally, away from the walls of your garage. Subterranean termites can build colonies stretching from the ground to reach any lumber on the floor of your garage, as well as lumber that rests against the walls of your garage. Unfortunately, drywood termites can reach lumber anywhere, since they build their colonies within the wood itself. It’s best to make lumber as difficult to reach as possible. Install shelving that elevates any pieces of wood that you store in your garage, and keep those pieces an inch or two away from your walls to mitigate the odds of an infestation.

Use a Penetrating Chemical Barrier Around the Foundation

Protect your garage and home with a chemical treatment that will deter termites. Here at Hi-Tech, we use Altriset® treatments to create a perimeter around homes. These treatments are applied to the soil around the exterior of a home, where the chemical will rest and remain active for years on end. Altriset is designed to kill off any invading colonies, since any termite that contacts the substance will carry and spread it to other termites throughout the colony, including the queen. For this reason, Altriset is especially helpful to repel subterranean termites which may make their way into your garage and home through the soil around your property.

Eliminate Moisture

Termites are attracted to sources of moisture and moist environments, although they need little to no water to survive, thanks to the design of their tunnels (which naturally collect and store moisture from the air). Make sure that you clean up any spills in your garage, and try to mitigate the moisture in your space if your garage is often humid. You can install a dehumidifier if moisture continues to be an issue.

Fix Foundation Cracks

As we mentioned, subterranean termites use the soil around your property to build their colonies. From there, they will build mud tunnels to reach their food source (which may be any wood in your garage or home). If you have a foundation that is cracked, it’s easy for termites to build a colony beneath your garage. Seal foundation cracks with epoxy or a sealer. Take note, termites are so small that they may be able to slip through a crack that is little more than the thickness of a fingernail.

Seal Off Other Entryways

Now that your foundation is protected, you should take a keen look at the rest of the perimeter of your garage. Note vents, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other protrusions that may extend into your garage. While you’re at it, take a look at the doors, windows, and garage door of your space. Are there any cracks or holes? Fill them with caulk, cement, plaster, or another material that is appropriate for the application at hand. If you have a door or garage door that isn’t well-sealed, you can install better weatherstripping around its edges to form a complete barrier when shut.

Perform Regular Inspections

Keep tabs on your garage with regular termite inspections. We recommend that you have your property inspected at least once per year to ensure that these pests haven’t built a colony around your home. We know where to look and what to look for to ensure that your garage (and the rest of your home) remains protected. You should schedule inspections more frequently if you’ve caught wind of termites in the neighborhood, or if you’ve had termites on your property in the past.

Count on Hi-Tech Termite Control

Whether you need an inspection, extermination, or termite control services, we’re the crew to call. We’d be happy to stop by your property to make sure that your home never falls victim to these hungry, hazardous pests. Reach out to us today to learn what we can do for you. Again, we provide termite control services for folks throughout Southern California.