Is Your Home Inadvertently Inviting in Termites? (Part One)

December 9, 2017by

If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed a termite infestation in Orange County you know how destructive they can be — from demolishing siding to compromising the structural integrity of your home — these tiny creatures can cause big damage. When left alone in the great outdoors, termites are actually very advantageous to our environment, working tirelessly as nature’s garbage disposals cleaning up decaying plant life and rotted wood. It’s when they move from outside to our homes when they become pests. The question then becomes, are you inadvertently inviting termites into your home?

If you have the most wanted and most unwelcome house guests in Orange County — termites — Hi-Tech Termite Control offers fumigation and other termite treatments to completely mitigate the infestation. Join us in today’s post as we navigate your outdoor property and shed light to things that may be drawing in termites to your home.

When Termites Go From Harmless to Harmful

Finding a termite colony on your property may be alarming, but it certainly isn’t threatening to your home…yet! Termite colonies will appear underground usually as a result of a dead tree or decaying tree stump or a yard that is unkempt and growing wild — they aim to help control the growth and eat the rotting plants. So if you live in a known area with termites, ahem Orange County, and want to prevent a termite colony from ever appearing, do the following:

  • Remove all wood from the premises – Living trees are completely acceptable, it’s dead trees and their stumps that are a tasty treat to termites. Wood is the all-around sustenance for termites — it provides food and water, and if termites are susceptible to anything, it’s dehydration! Also, if there is any firewood piled in your yard and touching the ground, this is a clear invitation for termites to feast.
  • Maintain your yard – Your yard doesn’t have to be something of Martha Stewart’s dreams, but it also can’t be her nightmare! Ensure you keep your yard well maintained in termite territory by clearing unwanted weeds and dying plants.
  • Watch for water leaks – Termites love water and will flock to a leaky spigot, sprinkler head, and the occasional water feature. Termites have even been known to infest water pipes, so it’s extremely important to always check for outside water leaks.

If you have a combination of any or all of the above it’s more likely you’ll see a termite quickly grow on your property, and when they’re established on your property, their nest is a ticking time bomb for when they do decide that your home is the cherry on top!

Are You Looking for Termite Roommates?

Most homeowners don’t want uninvited termite guests but you may be inviting them in, inadvertently through your landscaping. So, what does landscaping have to do with termites? Everything!

Termites are more likely to move from your yard and into your home with the perfect combination of termite-loving landscaping.

Now that we have your attention and you know that landscaping makes a big impact on whether or not termites will make a home of your home, we’re going to pause and continue this in part II of this series — so stay tuned!

At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we offer a myriad of treatments including stay at home, subterranean, and termite fumigation services in Orange County. Right now is the best time to treat for termites because the spring and summer months are known as termite swarming seasons indicated by shed wings and saw dust-like termite droppings. If you have an infestation, it is recommended to get it taken care of right away, so don’t delay!  

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