Keep Your Pets Safe During Fumigation

December 28, 2022by LBN

When you have a termite infestation in San Diego, you need to act fast to get rid of the pests, or your possessions and in the worst case, your house could suffer serious damage that could cost a huge amount to repair. A professional termite control company should be contacted to get your house fumigated ASAP. Modern fumigation techniques are far more efficient and safer than in the past, but you will still need to vacate your home while the work is being done. That is a pain for the family, but since you understand the risks, you manage. But what about your pets? Rover or Tweety do not know what fumigation is and even if the fumigation chemicals are not a serious hazard for humans, the same may not hold for animals and birds. Also, even when you do return home, dogs shove their noses into places that people would never think of. Some minute residue of the chemicals may remain there and that could put the dog’s health in danger.

Talk to the Termite Control Company

A professional company that does fumigation termite control in San Diego will understand the needs of pet owners. When contacting the company for the fumigation work, tell the people there about your pets and ask for advice on how to keep them safe. The company will be able to give you accurate information and expert advice on keeping your pets safe.

Things You Can Do

There are various steps you can take before the fumigation starts.

  • If you have a friend or neighbor who will be able to keep the pet till it’s safe to return, check if they are free to take the pet on the fumigation days.
  • Your pet’s cage, kennel, bed, and so on may be left at home. Ask the pest control company to check these items for termites and once you get the okay, use shrink wrap orlarge plastic bags to seal them up airtight so that no chemicals can get in.
  • Remove all the pet food from the home.
  • In case your dog or cat has to be placed in another house temporarily, try to spend as much time there as possible. Animal separation anxiety increases when pets are in new surroundings.
  • At the very remote chance that the pet does show signs of illness on returning home, contact the vet immediately.

Follow the advice you get and do not try to cut corners. It’s tough to have your pet locked up in a cage for a long time or sent away to a friend’s house till it’s safe to return home. The operative word here is safe. Don’t rush the return and do what the termite control company tells you. That way both the humans and the animals will be happy and healthy in their termite-free homes. You can also talk to the company about non-fumigation termite control in Orange County. This is as effective as fumigation and if the experts say it can be used for your home, your pet problems may be eliminated or at least greatly reduced.