Microwave Termite Treatment

January 12, 2017by

Termites! These small, wood-burrowing pests strike fear in the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Despite their small size, termites can cause serious damage to buildings and, if left unattended, will chew through your home like it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we don’t want any of our Los Angeles-area residents to have their home destroyed by these tiny wood-munchers. While there are multiple ways to treat and eradicate termites, today we are going to focus on an alternative termite control that you may not be aware of: microwaves. That’s right, the same waves that heat up your leftovers can be used to destroy termites in a safe, environmentally friendly way. Continue reading below to learn more about this alternative termite control method.

How Do Microwaves Get Rid of Termites?

To understand how microwaves can get rid of termites, you must first understand how a microwave works. When you place food in a microwave, a small microwave emitter begins to bombard your food with microwaves. These waves pass through your food and heat it by agitating the water molecules located in whatever you are heating up. Now, because microwaves do not discern between objects, they are able to heat up anything that has water molecules present. Luckily, the metal mesh on the front of a microwave door keeps the waves from heating up the water molecules located inside our bodies, however, this scenario is exactly what is used when exterminating termites with microwaves. The microwaves pass through the bodies of termites and their eggs, effectively “boiling” the water inside their little bodies and killing them.

How Does a Microwave Treatment Work?

After reading the previous paragraph, you might be a little worried about the safety of a microwave termite treatment. However, there is no need to be concerned. Our microwave emitters use a concentrated beam to ensure that no stray microwaves permeate your home. In our process, we will first identify the areas that have the largest concentration of termites. The most effective method to eliminating termites is to not only eliminate the adults that are doing the damage but to also eliminate the eggs before they hatch. By determining where the largest concentrations of termites are, we have a better chance of finding a nest and eliminating a larger amount of termites in one sweep. After our termite removal experts locate the termites, they will hold the microwave device up to the wall and “shoot” it in small bursts. The waves will penetrate the wall, leaving no marks, and will superheat the termites into oblivion. When done correctly, this alternative termite control method can eliminate termites from your home without having to use harsh chemicals.

If you are considering an alternative termite control method, please contact us today at Hi-Tech Termite Control. Our termite exterminators have the tools and knowledge to effectively rid your home from termites. To learn more about our alternative termite control, or any of our other services, contact us today. We provide termite control services, including alternative termite treatments like our microwave treatments, for homeowners throughout Southern California.