Natural Termite Control vs. Professional Termite Treatment

November 10, 2021by

Can you treat termites yourself? Technically,, you can! If you do your own landscaping, clean your gutters, and build a swing set, you might imagine that treating termites yourself is not that difficult. Some believe that with the right knowledge, products, and tools, almost anyone can treat termites. A better question may be, can you treat termites yourselfeffectivelyand safely?

Termite control is one of those DIY projects we’re often told anyone can tackle. There’s an abundance of over-the-counter termiticides and websites to help us along, but if we get it wrong, it could end up costing us more than hiring a pro in the first place.

But if you’re determined to find out if you can treat termites yourself, keep in mind that home remedies for termites and natural termiticides have limitations. Read on to find out how to get rid of termites using natural solutions.

How to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Many people consider a DIY termite treatment because they want to potentially save money, while others are more concerned with how to get rid of termites naturally. While these natural termite killers can’t provide complete termite control, they can help deter and spot treat termites in certain situations.

Natural Sunlight

Termites can’t survive without moisture and darkness, so natural sunlight can be deadly for them. Clear away brush, mulch, and other ground covers around your home to uncover tunnels and expose colonies and let the UV rays go to work.


Sodium borate (Borax) is a natural termite killer that works on various pests, but it only works for localized treatments. To kill termites with Borax, sprinkle the powder on termites and infested wood or make a borate and water solution and spray it on. Borates are also effective as a DIY preventative termite treatment for furniture and other wood items.

Parasitic Nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that are natural subterranean termite predators. Parasitic nematodes destroy termites and several other pests without harming the soil or the wood in your home, and they pose no danger to people or pets.

Plant-Based Treatments

At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we use plant-based and other natural termiticides that are safe for people and pets, eco-friendly, and highly effective. Just because you turn to a professional termite control company doesn’t mean you can’t still use natural termite killers. Here are some of our most popular termite control options for localized treatments.


Altriset is a plant-based natural termiticide made from the bark of trees and shrubs of the Ryania plant that grows in South America. Altriset works quickly and effectively and uses low doses, but it can fully control a termite infestation in three months. Even though Altriset is a safe and natural termiticide, it can work for up to nine years.


Bora-care is a safe, natural borate salt product that prevents drywood termites, subterranean termites, and other wood-destroying pests from infesting wood. BoraCare is applied directly to wood and is one of the safest and most eco-friendly preventative termite treatments available. Because borate salt is effective for the life of the wood, it’s also one of the most economical termiticides.


Tim-bor is a proven termiticide whose primary ingredient is natural borate mineral salt. This termite treatment works by interrupting termites’ natural metabolism and because of its delayed action it can spread to the entire colony. When Tim-bor is applied directly to wood as a liquid, spray, or foam, it penetrates the wood and protects it from termites, other pests, and fungi for years.

Orange Oil

Our natural, eco-friendly alternative termite treatment, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, is one of the safest and most effective treatments we offer. The primary ingredient is d-limonene, the citrus oil extracted from orange peels, and it’s perfectly safe for pets and families. Orange oil provides at least six months of protection, and it penetrates wood more quickly than other products.

DIY Termite Treatment vs. Professional Extermination

Some homeowners want to do their own termite control to save money on labor and because it’s convenient. But if you don’t have the expertise to find the termite colonies or all the places termites infest, you could do more harm than good. That’s because if a termite treatment doesn’t eradicate all the termites, they can invade your home, again and again, doing more damage to your home each time.

Even if you use natural termite control products for safety and apply them yourself, you could miss some critical parts of the process. If you use commercial termiticides, the toxic chemicals could pose a threat to your family if not applied correctly. Either way, you can never be sure you’ve killed all the termites, and you won’t have a warranty to protect your home.

A professional exterminator has the training and tools to safely treat termites using preventative treatments, eco-friendly alternatives, and other termite control processes. An experienced termite technician knows how to get rid of termites once and for all while keeping your family safe. Best of all, a professional termite treatment includes a warranty to protect your home.

So can you treat termites yourself? Yes—but why risk the extra expense and potential damage because you have to treat them again and again? Before you decide to do it yourself or use a professional for your termite infestation, at least get a free inspection. We’ll inspect your home, provide a detailed report, and discuss treatment options so you can make the most informed decision for protecting your home and family. Get in touch today to learn more.

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