New Year’s Resolution 2014: Eradicate Termites!

January 9, 2014by

Dear Readers,

faciconNow that the holiday season has passed, and along with it the relaxing time spent with friends and family, you are no doubt getting back into the swing of things and gearing up to make 2014 a success. For those of you that make lists every year to prioritize your goals (I’m betting that going back to the gym and paying off debt are at the top for many), we would like to encourage you to add another noble goal to your list: termite control!

If you think that termites have not capitalized on our weakened economy to weaken the structure of your home, think again! Many homeowners have delayed dealing with their termite infestation because they are confronted with more tempting or seemingly important ways to spend their money. But do not forget that termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your structure. In fact, it will cost the average homeowner far more to repair termite damage than to control termites in the first place if he or she procrastinates treatment.

During the winter, it is easy to forget about these insidious creatures. And then, when swarming season begins, panic sets in for many. But do not be misled – just because termites are not swarming does NOT mean they are not present. At this very moment, they may be quietly feasting on your attic, window sills, door jamb, garages, or patios. So why not begin 2014 with a termite control package that protects your structure from termite damage. Then, at the beginning of every new year, protecting your home from termites with our annual renewal contracts will be an automatic priority.

Do not delay. If you are in need of a termite exterminator or termite inspection and control in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, contact Hi-Tech today!