Preparing for Termite Fumigation

July 29, 2022by Kristin Herron

Discovering termites in your home is a nightmare. Unfortunately, it happens more often than anyone wants, especially in the high termite risk area of southern California. When termites are found, the only safe way to be sure of getting rid of them and protecting your home is to call in a professional termite removal company. Various methods may be used to remove the termites – the method will depend on the type of termite and the nature of the infestation. However, fumigation with special chemicals remains one of the most widely used methods. This involves tenting the house and moving out until the termites are gone and the house is safe to occupy once again. The termite control company will tell you about the process and how long it will take. Fumigation is a hassle, but there are some things you can do to make the process less inconvenient.

  • It is normal to lock up the house and everything in it when going away for a few days. The problem is that the termite exterminators will need access to the house and everything in it to completely eradicate the pests. If they find cabinets and closets locked, the time taken to contact you and get the locks opened will delay the work and increase the time you have to spend away from home. As long as you are dealing with a licensed company, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home open and in their care.
  • Turn off the gas. If you are using propane, this is easy to do. If your home uses some other form of gas you may need to call the supplier to have it shut off. Check and see what you have to do so you can schedule the turn-off and restart to avoid any delays or problems.
  • Plan on what to take with you. Moving out for fumigation is different from packing for a short trip. Besides your valuables and everything you will need for your work and other activities, do not leave any food or medicine behind. These will be exposed to hazardous chemicals during fumigation and ingesting them later could be dangerous. If there are things you simply cannot take with you, find a safe place to seal them up, away from contamination. The termite control company can tell you what to do or help you do it properly.Also Read: How to Protect Your Rental Property from Termites
  • Find a place to stay. There will be hotels, motels and friends you can stay with. But it may not be only humans who are moving out. If you have pets, check to see if the animals are welcome at the place where you plan to stay. The same applies to any indoor plants that could be affected by fumigation. Will you take them with you or is there a safe place to store them?
  • You do not want to sleep on mattresses and linen that have been exposed to dangerous chemicals. Find a place outside the house to store them.
  • Once you have the fumigation scheduled, check your fridge and pantry and start using up the food in them. Do not buy any groceries that you will not be able to use before the fumigation.

Fumigation is a hassle, but if you use the services of an experienced professional termite removal company, you will have experts available to not only exterminate the termites but also to give you advice on how to prepare for the tenting.