All About the Structural Pest Control Board

February 22, 2017by

Here in the state of California, there’s an undeniable authority on the practices and regulations of pest and termite exterminators: The Structural Pest Control Board. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we understand the importance of licensing, as well as the importance of education. That’s why our termite extermination techs are certified via the Structural Pest Control Board of California. Let’s learn a bit more about the Structural Pest Control Board, its importance, and our involvement and licensing in Southern California.

What Is the Structural Pest Control Board?

The Structural Pest Control Board is a government and public operated pest control board that moderates and monitors pest control practices throughout California. The board was formed in 1935, and it has maintained oversight of pest control practices throughout the state ever since. The board is operated by seven members – four of which are members of the public and the other three are pest control professionals. The Structural Pest Control Board provides exams and licensing to pest control outfits, and it monitors pest control companies. Also, if disciplinary actions are necessary for malpractice in the pest control field, the Structural Pest Control Board will act. Pest control professionals may lose their license if they violate board laws and regulations.

Why Do Exterminators Need Licensing?

The Structural Pest Control Board establishes laws and regulations surrounding pest control practices. Pest control professionals are required to learn these laws and regulations, and they must act within the law throughout their practice. The Board provides licensing to ensure that pest control experts are informed. This ensures that exterminators provide safe services to their clientele, and it ensures that there is a common understanding of the law between all pest control outfits and the Structural Pest Control Board. Exterminators must pass exams, apply for a license, and renew their licensing throughout their career.

Our Credentials

Termite exterminators are subject to the laws and regulations put forth by the Structural Pest Control Board, and the technicians here at Hi-Tech Termite Control are no exception. We have attained and maintain the proper licensing under Structural Pest Control Board law. We practice ethical, safe practices with each and every one of our termite inspection, extermination, and control projects. The Structural Pest Control Board provides consumers with peace of mind; we’re happy to comply with their regulations in order to provide the safest most effective treatments.

Hi-Tech Termite Control is State Licensed with the California Structural Pest Control Board. License #PR-2967.

If you’re curious about our Structural Pest Control Board licensing, or if you’d simply like to get started with termite inspection, extermination, or control, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We strive to exceed the expectations put forth by the Structural Pest Control Board. Find out first hand how Hi-Tech Termite Control embodies the best practices and the best techniques in the termite extermination business. Or find out more about our termite control services! We provide termite treatment services throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.