Our Termite Control Specialists Can Get You the Certification You Need

April 25, 2016by

We control your termite problem.If you are planning on selling your home or property in Orange County, you’ll probably need to perform a termite inspection. While you aren’t required by California state law to perform an inspection, most buyers, lenders, and even real estate agents will require you to have one. This is really for your own protection; you don’t want to be in the middle of closing a sale and discover during the inspection that your home requires thousands of dollars of termite damage repair and your buyer is backing out of the deal. Our termite experts can help provide you with the termite inspection and certification that you need.

You can call for an inspection and we’ll send one of our experienced termite control technicians out to your site as soon as possible. They’ll carefully inspect your property, looking in all areas including basements, crawl spaces and attics for signs of termite damage. If there are no signs of termites, we’ll provide you with an inspection certificate to verify your property is termite-free. If we do find signs of termites, we can help you determine what kind of termite control is best. We highly recommend our microwave treatments, which are pet and people friendly and don’t require you to move out of your home.

If your home is in escrow or you are doing a short sale, our inspections are $100 and we don’t charge extra for crawl space inspections. You can apply that fee to the cost of your termite treatment if it is required, as well. All other inspections are free. Whether you are a property owner or a real estate agent helping your client through escrow, we can be your trusted termite control and inspection partners. Contact our team today to make an appointment. We provide inspections throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego!