Termite Signs, Wood Damage, and Your Options

April 2, 2013by

Hello Readers,

Spring is here. The water is still cold and there are no doubt some uneven weather patterns ahead, but all the signs of the season are here if one takes the time to look. For those of us who are responsible for a home or manage a property, some of these signs are not so good.

Have you seen signs of droppings or discolored wood? Or have you seen swarming termites or termite tunnels?

Reading the signs correctly takes experience and good information. An inspector needs to match the type of damage he sees to the cause. Fungus and beetles can cause damage to your structure that can easily rival and resemble termite damage, but require different courses of treatment. White rot leaves wood with a bleached appearance and a spongy and stringy texture. Brown rot leaves wood with a dark brown, checkered appearance and a brittle texture.  Are termites the cause? There are several species of drywood and subterranean termites that may be infesting your property. Not to worry dear readers! All you need to do is call us today if you see any signs of infestation. A professional inspection will determine exactly what your problem is.

If an inspector determines that termites are your problem, several treatment options are available, depending on the extent of the infestation and damage. To keep things simple, it’s safe to say that the more localized the problem, the more options short of tent fumigation you have. Hi-Tech Termite Control uses a long and short term approach to these types of local infestations.

This brings us to the subject of chemical agents. Which are more effective?

Insecticides come in two basic forms: repellent and non-repellent.  A repellent agent acts as the name suggests. Orange Oil, for instance, can be smelled and tasted by the insects, and it drives them away. Unfortunately, if any area isn’t completely treated, it could allow for colonies to be fractured rather then destroyed, leaving behind active termites. To ensure our customers receive the best treatment options available, we do not use orange oil at Hi-Tech.

On the other hand, non-repellent insecticides are agents that the insects cannot see, taste or smell. Agents like Premise, when applied professionally, are long lasting and slow acting. They disperse throughout the colony and effectively eliminate the infestations. Hi-Tech uses a balanced approach of immediate, non intrusive elimination with the Microwave and long term elimination and protection with agents like Premise and Premise 2. The sophisticated, next generation chemical agents that we use are highly effective at eliminating termites.

So readers, I hope this helped you to understand some of the choices you have when dealing with the perils of spring.

I’ll have more on your termite control options in future posts. Remember if you are in need of termite control, reach out to us to protect your home! We provide termite control services for our neighbors throughout Southern California, including those who reside in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.