Termites Can Bring Down a House

October 20, 2022by Kristin Herron

Your home is your castle and your family’s place of refuge from the negative influences of the world. You sweated and toiled to own it and keeping it safe and protected is at the top of your list of priorities. You have insurance against fire,earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters that occur where you live. You do the maintenance when it’s required to keep the building safe and secure. But what about an unseen risk that could place the structure in serious danger? A risk that could seriously damage or even destroy your home? It’s one that you cannot insure against. Termites do not just cause cosmetic damage – they can, in the worst case, seriously damage the structure of the house itself, making it unsafe to live in.

More Than Cosmetic Damage 

When you see blistered or buckled wood in your home, you know that you have termite problems. It is a hassleand you may want to go online to look for ways to get rid of the pests and repair the damage they have caused. The fact is that none of the DIY methods you find online are ever fully effective. What often happens is that the termites are driven deeper into the wood and continue to do their damage, while you relax thinking that the problem is solved and all that is left is to repair or replace the damaged wood. What’s worse is that the damage that the termites continue to do may be much more than just cosmetic or furniture related.

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Structural Damage 

If a termite infestation is not completely removed and if steps are not taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem, the structure of the house itself may be at risk. Termites eat wood from the inside out and when they are feeding, they create holes and tunnels that run through the wood.When the wood is a part of the foundation or structure of the house, it becomes weak. This results in a loss of structural integrity that could, in the worst case, lead to seriousdamage to the building itself and make it unsafe to live in. Termites can eat into the very structure of a house -they weaken and destroy support beams, posts, floor and ceiling joists, wall studs and more. Termite damage, especially if it is within the structure of the house, is not something a homeowner can spot. It requires professional expertise, experience and equipment to spot an infestation, to know how big/serious it is and to find the right way to deal with it so that the danger is completely removed.

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This may sound like scaremongering, but it is not. The billions of dollars of damage that termites cause every year in the U.S. alone is not only from cosmetic damage to windows, doors and furniture. Repairing structural damage to houses makes up a significant amount of the total. Southern California is a region where termites are an ever-present danger. Professional fumigation or non-fumigation termite control in San Diego is the only way to keep your home safe. Termite damage repair in Orange County is big business and even amateurs call themselves experts. If you have termite damage, make sure that the repair is done only by a reputed professional termite control company.