Unmasking the Truth: Termites Pose Real Risks, No Exaggerations

June 20, 2023by LBN

Termites are not the other guy’s problem. They can attack your home anytime and without any warning signs. And when they do, it is not an easy fix, like using a spray to drive flies out of your house. Termites are tough insects and are difficult to spot until the damage they have done is so severe that it is obvious.

DIY Does Not Work

Trying DIY termite removal methodsis just not worth the risk. Firstly, limited resources in terms of equipment and chemicals are a serious drawback. What professionals use for housefumigation services is far more sophisticated and effective. That means that it can also be dangerous if used by those who have not been specially trained. That is why these options are not available to just anyone. Also spotting the signs of a termite infestation early before significant damage has been done requires training. There are different species of termites and the signs of different infestations vary. You will miss the signs that an expert will spot. Everyone has a DIY termite removal story to tell but no matter how believable they are, understand that only an expert can deal with termites. If this was not the case, would termites do over $5 billion in damage to U.S.homes every year?

No Place Is Safe

Termites can now be found in 49 of the 50 states. There is almost no part of the U.S. that is free from them. Even if your neighborhood has not had a termite infestation for years, one could occur at any time. It is often the places where termites are rare that are most at risk. Because people think they are safe, they live in a sense of false security until the day when they find that their home is not just infested but that serious cosmetic and structural damage has been done.

No Home Is Safe

There is a myth that termites feed only on old and rotting wood and wooden structures. That is not the case. Termites can feed on wood of any age. As long as it contains the cellulose they need, they will eat it. Thinking that a new house is safer than an old one in terms of termite damage risk is a big mistake.

Damage Repair

If you are a home handyman, you may be able to repair cosmetic termite damage yourself, but you won’t be able to ensure that the termites do not return to make your efforts worthless. If there is structural damage, only a structural engineer will be able to evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the repairs that will need to be done. That will be very costly. Another factor to keep inmind is that if you decide to sell your house, the fact that you had a termite infestation and damage (even if it was repaired) was done will affect the resale value.

Your home is the center of your family’s existence. Putting it at risk doesn’t make sense. The cost of having a professional real estate termite inspection done is not all that much.And if termites are found, the cost of completely removing them is insignificant when compared to the huge cost that termite damage repair may entail. Also, the value of the peace of mind that comes from having expert termite prevention treatment done to keep your home termite free is beyond measure.

It is easy to ignore the risks that termites pose. But the risks are real and very serious. Why place your home and family’s future at risk when contacting a professional termite controlservice that will keep your family safe today and in the future?