What Attracts Subterranean Termites To Your Home?

March 2, 2022by

Determining what attracts subterranean termites to your home can be a challenge. Your home is one of the most significant investments you can make, and knowing what attracts subterranean termites to your home can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

The question is, how do you prevent termites from destroying your home? Here are a few tips on how to prevent termite infestation in your Orange County home:

Wood House Termites

Woodpiles and firewood are an open invitation for termites to take up residence in and around your home. Piles of wood attract termites to your home and serve as the entrance to the walls of your home. All wood should be moved at least 20 feet from your house and elevated at least 5 inches off the ground to avoid damage from subterranean termites.

Mulch In Your Landscaping

Many people choose to use mulch to help plants thrive and add to the aesthetic appeal. Moisture levels in mulch provide an attractive place for termites to nest. Once they find mulch piles or mud tubes near your foundation, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way inside.

Dead Trees On Your Property

As trees begin to die and break down, they become a nesting home for termites. If you have dead or dying trees on your property, consider moving them at least 20 feet away before unwelcome visitors have a chance to nest in your home.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters not only do damage to your home, they provide a soft, moist surface for termites to nest in as they prepare to find an entry point via your roof. It is important to keep your gutters cleaned regularly to prevent clogs and avoid waterlogged debris that can lead to significant damage in the future. Once termite infestations are discovered, it is necessary to act quickly to prevent structural damage to your home that could cost you thousands to repair.

Moisture Near The Foundation

Standing water near or around your foundation will attract termites to your house. Find ways to divert moisture and water away from your home to avoid this infestation. Moisture-proof barriers, gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks can be both beautiful and functional ways to keep your foundation dry and prevent termites from entering your home.

If you suspect your home might provide an environment for termites to thrive but are too busy to take the measures above, call Hi-Tech Termite Control! We’re the top choice for termite control offering free termite inspections in Orange County.

Dealing With Termites In Orange County

At times, bugs, roaches, termites, and other unwelcome creatures make their way into our homes. If you are not diligent about dealing with these infestations promptly, you risk incurring significant damage to your most valuable asset. So, how do you deal with termites?

Orange County Termite Control

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