Wood Repair After Termite Damage

November 16, 2012by

Today we’re going to talk about wood damage from termites and how Hi-Tech Termite control can help. We have lots of experience in wood repair from termite damage.

Termites consume wooden structures for nutrition. They especially like fresh wood, but they will devour older wood if nothing else is available. The damage this consumption does to your house or property is often unseen.

Did I mention that Hi-Tech offers a free termite inspection? Well we do! During your free termite inspection your inspector will look for and call to your attention wood repair that’s needed on your structure. But that’s not all; he will alert you to another sometimes more serious issue and this is where it really pays to have some experience on your side.

That’s right, I’m talking about dry rot — good old fashioned Serpula lacrymans, a wood-destroying fungus that is found in most parts of the world. It’s best known for its ability to destroy timbers in ships and buildings.

This is where the experience comes in. Determining whether your structural damage has been caused by termites, dry rot or another wood-destroying fungus. Now termites can seriously damage the structure of a house or building. But they are slow. In contrast dry rot has the ability to travel through building materials other than timber, giving outbreaks the potential to spread quickly through a building.

Years ago, it was considered sufficient to have only have a termite inspection performed before purchasing real estate. If there was no evidence of an active termite infestation, it was assumed that the building had no termite damage or structural damage. These days of course more advanced detection techniques often can reveal serious termite or other damage to the structure of the building.

When this occurs during an inspection and if repairs are needed, our inspector can help you understand the expenses and negotiate a price for repairs.

So if you discover wood damage from termites signs on your property, be concerned, but don’t panic. You have time to get the right termite exterminator/structural repair company. Of course it’s always a good idea to work with a termite company that is properly licensed and qualified like your Hi-Tech Termite Control team — your source for free termite inspections in Los Angeles, San Diego, and all the surrounding areas here in Southern California.

I’ll have more on your termite control and wood repair options for damage from termites in future posts. Remember if your a victim of wood damage from termites call Hi-Tech today!