Termite Inspection SoCalHow to Check for Signs of Termites and Termite Damage

It’s termite swarming season, which makes finding termites a bit easier. But termites are tricky and can be difficult to find before they’ve done a lot of damage and incur costly repairs. How can you identify these pests? Well, we have the tips you need to check for termites — as always, if you need help, we provides termite treatments for folks throughout Southern California, including residents in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

Here are signs you may have dry wood termites and how to prevent and exterminate pests and termites:

  1. If you have wood railroad ties or garden bed railings, check to see if there are holes or small tunnels. If in doubt, lift one of the wooden rails up and check for bug activity. If the wood is starting to decay, you probably have termites or carpenter ants.
  2. Trees or tree branches touching the house can be a direct highway for termites to enter your home and do costly damage before you can find them. Trim back all branches and clear gutters on a regular basis. Inspect any bushes next to the house for insect activity. Use a high-intensity flashlight.
  3. Small piles of sawdust on furniture or floors can indicate termites in your ceiling and roof. Using a flashlight, check your ceiling for tiny, pin-prick sized holes. They will usually start in the corners and work their way to the center of the room. (any photos?)
  4. Check any wood light fixtures, even if they are brand new. One client purchased a new wood chandelier without knowing it had been infested in the warehouse. She noticed small piles of dust on her dining room table. Simply bagging the fixture and spraying bug spray won’t help. Call us for a free estimate to ensure the termites have not used a direct highway to your attic or next story.
  5. Check windows and doors. Often during a swarm, you will see the termites trying to burrow in through a wooden window. Using a flashlight, look for holes and sawdust. If you see any dead insects, fold them in some clear tape to show our inspector.

You can identify a termite swarm by taking out any screens around your windows and checking for any insect activity. Often termites are confused with carpenter ants.

Here are the signs you may have subterranean termites:

  1. Check tree roots that go to your house.  Trees near your home are like a highway for termite infestations.
  2. Check the lawn for signs of tunnels. If you see mounds of dirt or mud near your home, you may have termites.

Contact us for a free termite inspection. We use green termite extermination methods as well. If termites are caught early enough, tenting may not be required. Again, we proudly provide service throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.