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  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • No packing up or moving out.
  • A great alternative to fumigation.

Stumbling upon a termite colony can make your head swim with worry. You may ask yourself: How can I exterminate these pests? Will I have to vacate my home? How costly are treatments? And how long does a treatment take? Do I have to move out of my house, board my pets, or bag my food?

Fortunately, termite control has grown beyond traditional fumigation. These days, modern technologies and treatments make termite treatments, fast, effective, and convenient, so you and your family don’t have to be temporarily uprooted in order to eradicate these tiny nuisances.

Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we provide XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® treatments. This innovative treatment is almost entirely natural, yet highly effective. Best of all, your family won’t have to leave the home to get rid of those termites.

Save time and stay comfortable with our alternative to tenting. Call us today to learn more about our orange oil termite treatments, or to schedule an inspection! We provide service throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. If you’re still curious about our orange oil treatments, feel free to continue reading to learn more about our XT-2000 solution, the treatment process, and the benefits of orange oil as an alternative to fumigation.

Orange Slices

What Is XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus?

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is just that: A solution that is mainly comprised of orange oil. This solution contains pure d-limonene — in fact, it contains 95% d-limonene — which is simply citrus oil extracted from orange peels. The purity of the oil helps XT-2000 to wick through treated wood easily, seeping through the porous cells of wood as it spreads in all directions from an injection site. In fact, XT-2000 penetrates deeper than other products, since it is oil based.

Termite Treatment

How Does XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus Work?

We inject XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus into wood where a termite colony has been discovered. Termites that contact the solution die instantly, and those who are exposed to nearby fumes die off shortly thereafter. XT-2000 remains active for about six weeks, ensuring that the treated area is clear of termites. Orange oil travels further into the wood than any other product because it is oil based.

Southern California is unfortunately notorious for termite infestations. Termites can infest a home and attack its structure. We provides termite extermination services to ensure that your property remains pest-free. We specialize in providing our unique noninvasive microwave termite extermination treatments. Our clients tend to prefer microwave termite treatment over fumigation because microwave treatments don’t require a fumigation tent, microwave treatments are greener than fumigation treatments, and our clients can live their lives as they normally would with our microwave termite treatments. We proudly provide service throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — call us for termite control services! Feel free to continue reading to learn more about our specialized microwave treatments.


No Fumigation Tent

With a microwave termite treatment, you won’t have to have us put a tent over your home in order to fumigate. Instead, a technician simply treats the infestation locally, exterminating termites directly at the source. We’ll come to your home, identify termite infestation areas, and kill those termites in an instant with our localized microwave technology. We utilize a fiber optic scope to look into infected areas throughout your home.


Environmentally Friendly Termite Treatments

Fumigations simply aren’t good for the environment. With a home fumigation treatment, a harsh chemical is introduced to the environment to exterminate termites. Once the treatment is over, that chemical floats into the air. Microwave treatments utilize a bit of electricity to ‘zap’ termites. Our instrument, the XTerminator 4.0™, concentrates microwaves on the termites in your home’s structure, thereby heating them and killing them instantly. Our microwave technology does not affect the integrity of your home’s structure.

Microwave Xterminator 4.0

The Convenience of Microwave Termite Extermination

Unlike termite fumigation, our microwave extermination treatment won’t require you to move out of your Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County home. You can maintain your lifestyle, keep your family, food, and animals in your home, and live as you would (so long as our exterminator isn’t temporarily in the way!). Our high-tech microwave device eliminates termite eggs, termite workers, and the termite queen, and it’s been proven by the state of California to eliminate over 97 percent of the termites treated within a structure.