Fast termite escrow clearance is a valuable service we offer to real estate agents and potential or existing property owners. If you are an agent with a property in escrow looking for a reliable vendor that you can trust, then Hi-Tech Termite Control is your answer. Our service means one call and all your termite related issues can be resolved. We provide termite escrow clearance services throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — call us today!

The Benefits of Working With Hi-Tech

  • Fast, dependable inspections
  • Prompt turn around on reports
  • Competitive estimates
  • Payment deferred to close of escrow

We understand that your time is valuable. Having a dependable termite escrow clearance partner who understands the urgency and process and can work within your timeline is critical. With one call you will have an inspector out on the scene without even leaving your office. That one call will take care of not just any termite issues that can disrupt and delay the escrow process, but also any associated wood damage and repair issues that might need to 
be addressed.

Call Today!

Hi-Tech Termite Control can help with any level of termite infestation affecting your property. We specialize in the most modern termite eradication techniques, including microwave termite treatment, localized termite treatments, fumigation, and wood repair, with prompt turnaround on clearance reports.

If you need a termite escrow clearance on a property, call Hi-Tech for an inspection today!