If you are managing a multi-unit property, Hi-Tech Termite Control is your termite control and extermination solution. We provide:

  • Experience treating complexes over 400 units
  • Coordination of the termite treatment process from start to finish
  • Options that require no tenting and no move out
  • Full structure warranty packages
  • Wood Repair

We have assisted a multitude of property managers and HOAs throughout California treat complexes efficiently and effectively. No matter the size of a complex, we will be part of the termite treatment process from start to finish.

Our licensed inspectors will thoroughly inspect your property, carefully assessing each structure and its degree of termite infestation. In addition, our inspectors will be available for HOA meetings because we want you and your association to feel secure with the termite treatment that is selected.

Many properties can be treated without tenting! This is a tremendous relief to many property managers, homeowners, and tenants who are looking for convenient and affordable termite control. If, however, the infestation is severe, tent fumigation may be needed. In either case, our inspectors and technicians will be there to support residents during the termite treatment process every step of the way. We will notify residents of termite treatment dates, provide critical information, and coordinate a schedule that is convenient for all parties involved.

With Hi-Tech’s two year, full-structure warranty and continuing service plans, you can guarantee your units are termite free for years to come. Our warranty will cover all units, even ones that did not need treatment initially. We also offer extended warranties on subterranean termites. We eliminate the hassle and extra costs that termites can present.

Not only do we offer the best service and warranty in the business, we also offer a full service wood repair division. Our expert craftsmen will repair all termite damage with the kind of precision you expect from a professional contractor.

Refinancing your building? We specialize in refis and are prepared to tackle any needs your building may have.

Condo Conversions Requiring Termite Clearance

Hi-Tech services condominium and apartment conversions for drywood termites and for subterranean termites as well.

Hi-Tech offers a service agreement for both species that can be transfered to the home owners association upon sale of the condominium.

Hi-Tech Provides Certification.

After termite treatments are completed, Hi-Tech offers a treatment completion certification for the building.

Hi-Tech uses Termidor Injections

When found, subterranean termites are treated with Termidor Injections.