Californian and American Flags

Huntington Beach, CA, also known as Surf City USA, is a top destination for many. If you have the good fortune of being a homeowner in Huntington Beach, this comes as no surprise. Huntington Beach boasts ten miles of uninterrupted coastline for surfers and beach lovers alike. It is located next to several world famous amusement parks as well as many Hollywood attractions, but it itself remains a calm coastal town with a mellow vibe. It is no exaggeration to say that Huntington Beach is the best of all worlds.

But to all you homeowners in Huntington Beach, keep in mind that even you are not immune to the unceasing work of termites! Many termites love Huntington Beach for the same reasons that you do — the ocean, the calm, the climate. It is rumored that exposed wooden beams mingled with the salty air from a Southern California ocean breeze is a favorite meal for termites. So termite control in Huntington Beach should be a top priority!

If you are a resident of Huntington Beach and in need of termite control, we are here to help. We offer a variety of services. If you are in need of full structure termite control, we provide fumigation services as well as non-fumigation treatment options (this means no moving out). If your infestation is minimal, we offer localized treatment options. And if the termites have already left their mark, we provide wood repair services as well. Do not delay. Protect your investment by calling us today for a free termite inspection!