COVID-19 Response


We are considered an “essential service” which means we are not restricted from performing day to day business.  We are currently complying with all regulations in place.
  • Upon arrival, our employee will wear a clean pair of gloves prior to touching your door or doorbell.  They will also be wearing these gloves throughout the time that they are at your house.  We also wear shoe covers as a general practice.
  • When they enter the interior of your home, they will wear a respirator the entire time unless you specify otherwise.  At your request, we will also wear the respirator on the exterior of the home.
  • Throughout the visit, they will keep a 6 ft distance.  If any paperwork needs to be signed we can email it to you prior to the appointment upon your request or we can set it down and let you sign it while we maintain a 6 ft distance.
*Note: there is no paperwork for free inspections.
  • Payment is usually collected by the technician by using an app on the phone.  We want to operate in your comfort level; so at your request we can email you an invoice with the ability to make the payment via email.  Payment is always due upon completion of work or receiving the payment email.
  • Hand sanitizer on all trucks
For your safety, if you are over 65 and/or you have any underlying health issues, we would prefer to reschedule during a time where the risk factor has been eliminated.
If for any reason you are still not comfortable with us coming to your home, please let us know ASAP so that we can cancel or reschedule your appointment.