1. Ten Tips To Prepare Your Home For Termite Fumigation

    Having a termite colony near your home and then having them rapidly move inward to infiltrate your home is extremely stressful, especially if you live in the Los Angeles area. Termites tend to flourish and thrive in the warm, damp conditions providing a never-ending feast, which makes LA a perfect h…Read More

  2. Does Composting Attract Termites? (Part Two)

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  3. Does Composting Attract Termites? (Part One)

    Composting is highly advantageous for the environment in reducing methane emissions, in addition to enriching the soil and reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Both food scraps and yard waste can be added to your compost pile, including dead branches, twigs, leaves, grass clipp…Read More

  4. Is Your Home Inadvertently Inviting in Termites? (Part Two)

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  5. Is Your Home Inadvertently Inviting in Termites? (Part One)

    If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed a termite infestation in Orange County you know how destructive they can be — from demolishing siding to compromising the structural integrity of your home — these tiny creatures can cause big damage. When left alone in the great outdoors, termites are a…Read More

  6. Rodent Infestations and the Dangers of Disease

    It’s a well known fact: Rodents carry disease. That’s an especially terrible truth if you’ve just discovered droppings in your kitchen or seen a furry blur in the living room. That’s why it’s so crucial to act right away if you do notice signs of rodents in your home. Let’s take a brief …Read More

  7. How to Control an Ant Infestation

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  8. Are Termites Dangerous?

    When you discover termites in your home, you may be terrified. After all, it’s pretty creepy thinking about a colony of bugs living right under your nose. The first thing you may ask yourself is, “Is my family in any danger?” Well, we’re here to help you get some peace of mind with the answe…Read More

  9. Termidor® Treatments for Drywood and Subterranean Termites

    Termites can be difficult to exterminate, which is why you should leave termite control to the professionals. When you have a termite infestation, you have a serious problem on your hands, since termites can devour the wood structure of your home. It’s important to act quickly in order to mitigate…Read More

  10. What Kind of Termites Do I Have? Or Are They Ants?

    If you have an infestation of insects in your home, the best thing to do is to have your home inspected, especially if you suspect that these insects are termites. Why? Well, termites can cause major damage to your home. Since these nasty creatures devour wood by the pound (a colony can consume a po…Read More