1. What You Can Do to Keep Termites Out

    Termites are pesky pests, and like most insects, they’re adept at finding a way into your home. However, you can take some steps to be proactive and seal out termites. With proper preventative care, and a little help from the experts and termite treatment techs here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, you…Read More

  2. Microwave Termite Treatment

    Microwave Those Termite Away   Termites. Theses small, wood-burrowing pests strike fear in the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Despite their small size, termites can cause serious damage to buildings and, if left unattended, will chew through your home like it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here at…Read More

  3. How Do I Know I Have a Termite Infestation?

    It’s one thing to leave your home to enjoy the great outdoors. Who doesn’t love spending time on the beach, hiking through a verdant and beautiful forest, or testing your strength and endurance with a little rock climbing? But it’s an entirely different scenario to have the great outdoors come…Read More

  4. Our Non-Toxic Treatments

    Non-toxic, alternative treatments are an ideal solution to pest problems. However, the options are few and far between. Usually, folks will have to resort to pesticides and tent fumigation to eradicate pests, including termites. Fortunately, we’ve innovated an alternative to those harsh chemicals:…Read More

  5. Social Classes of Termites

    If termites invade your home, they might look less like individual termites and more like a masticating, moving mass, with wishes to chomp through everything you hold dear. But in truth, not all termites are created equal. Much like humans, termites have their own social hierarchy that helps them th…Read More

  6. Ideal Conditions for Termites

      Termites can survive just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy or sunny, dry or humid, indoor or outdoor, city or country—termites will find a way to survive, and they’ll certainly find some food to eat. But what conditions do termites thrive in? Here are just a few places wher…Read More

  7. The Ideal Habitat for the Dampwood Termite

    Dampwood termites are prevalent here in California, specifically Pacific dampwood termites. They thrive in, as you may have guessed, damp wood environments. If you live in a particularly moist climate, and that moisture has not been mitigated throughout the lifetime of your home, your home may be su…Read More

  8. The Ideal Habitat for the Powderpost Termite

    The powderpost termite, or Cryptotermes species of termite, is a unique termite that thrives here in California. Due to the powderpost termite’s unique ability to thrive on very few resources, they can easily survive in an entirely wooden habitat. Let’s take a look at the ideal powderpost termit…Read More

  9. Prevent damage with termite extermination.

    The Ideal Habitat for the Drywood Termite

    The drywood termite thrives on - you guessed it - dry wood. These terrible creatures flock to dry wood food sources where they devour wood and proliferate. Not to be confused with carpenter ants, drywood termites have rounded bodies with body segments that are similar in diameter. Upon seeing a dryw…Read More

  10. We offer termite inspection services!

    The Ideal Habitat for the Subterranean Termite

    Subterranean termites are prevalent throughout North America, and you’ll certainly find them here in California. These pesky critters infiltrate our homes through any crack or crevice in the foundation of a home. Once several termites have infiltrated your home, they will begin to build a colony. …Read More