1. The Dangers of Loose Wood Around the Home & What You Can Do

    A piece of wood debris may be seemingly innocent, but it does pose potential danger. Sure, you may trip on that stray firewood by the garage. Or perhaps you can get a splinter as you move two-by-fours from the side of your house to the shed. However, the true danger is this: Loose wood can attract t…Read More

  2. How Does Our Microwave Technology Work?

    Termites are a nuisance. They call our homes their own. They devour walls, and leave behind waste. They cause billions of dollars worth of damage per year within the United States alone. In short, these pesky pests are just that: Pests. It’s essential to eradicate these pests as soon as possible t…Read More

  3. All About the Structural Pest Control Board

    Here in the state of California, there’s an undeniable authority on the practices and regulations of pest and termite exterminators: The Structural Pest Control Board. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we understand the importance of licensing, as well as the importance of education. That’s why o…Read More

  4. How Much Can a Termite Eat?

    Termites are relatively docile creatures. They just eat wood after all. However, when you have enough termites, and that wood happens to be the frame of your home, the common termite can be a real danger. Termites can damage homes to the point where they’re no longer structurally sound. That truth…Read More

  5. What You Can Do to Keep Termites Out

    Termites are pesky pests, and like most insects, they’re adept at finding a way into your home. However, you can take some steps to be proactive and seal out termites. With proper preventative care, and a little help from the experts and termite treatment techs here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, you…Read More

  6. Microwave Termite Treatment

    Microwave Those Termite Away   Termites. Theses small, wood-burrowing pests strike fear in the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Despite their small size, termites can cause serious damage to buildings and, if left unattended, will chew through your home like it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here at…Read More

  7. How Do I Know I Have a Termite Infestation?

    It’s one thing to leave your home to enjoy the great outdoors. Who doesn’t love spending time on the beach, hiking through a verdant and beautiful forest, or testing your strength and endurance with a little rock climbing? But it’s an entirely different scenario to have the great outdoors come…Read More

  8. Our Non-Toxic Treatments

    Non-toxic, alternative treatments are an ideal solution to pest problems. However, the options are few and far between. Usually, folks will have to resort to pesticides and tent fumigation to eradicate pests, including termites. Fortunately, we’ve innovated an alternative to those harsh chemicals:…Read More

  9. Social Classes of Termites

    If termites invade your home, they might look less like individual termites and more like a masticating, moving mass, with wishes to chomp through everything you hold dear. But in truth, not all termites are created equal. Much like humans, termites have their own social hierarchy that helps them th…Read More