1. Stop termite damage with our extermination services!

    Wood Repair from Termite Damage

    Today we’re going to talk about wood damage from termites and how Hi Tech Termite control can help. We have lots of experience in wood repair from termite damage. Termites consume wooden structures for nutrition. They especially like fresh wood, but they will devour older wood if nothing else is a…Read More

  2. Save your home from damage with termite control!

    Termite Exterminators

    Today we’re going to talk about (cue the Sergio Leone western soundtrack) “Termite Eterminators”. Getting rid of termites in your home or building is, as a general rule, not a simple deal. Say one discovers an infestation of fleas or roaches in your home. Often these pests can be dealt wit…Read More

  3. Termite damage can effect your structure!

    Got Termites? There are Alternatives to Fumigation

    As a property owner, there’s no more inconvenient and expensive prospect for maintaining your property then the needing a full scale tent fumigation to control termites. Because of this there is nothing more attractive for the property owner then economical and effective alternatives to fumigatio…Read More

  4. Save your home from damage with termite control!

    Termidor Termite Treatments

    Today we’re talking about Termidor termite treatments, which besides being fun to say 5 times fast, is America’s #1 termite defense product. Lets start by what the manufacturer has to say,  “…when you choose it {Termidore} you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best termite treatment avai…Read More