Orange County Subterranean Termite Treatments

If you see stained or discolored drywall, peeling paint, mud tubes, or hollow wood, you may have subterranean termites in your home. Without expert subterranean termite treatment, termite colonies can grow and cause tremendous damage, eating wood by the pound. It is vital to get treatment control services to avoid further damage. At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we provide convenient and effective solutions for subterranean termites treatment.

Termite Swarmer Consuming Mossed Tree Before Subterranean Termites Treatment

About Orange County
Subterranean Termites

The subterranean termite is one of the most destructive termite species that can infest your Orange County property. Subterranean termites build nests in the soil, causing damage to homes and buildings. Since the colonies are in the soil, subterranean termite control usually involves the application of insecticide.

At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we employ termite control methods that are convenient for you and your pets. We offer several termite treatments that are convenient and effective.

Types of Subterranean Termite Treatments

Termites attack homes in different ways throughout Orange County. The most common way to identify them is by the mud tubes they create on wood, which they use to create a moist environment for themselves. Orange County subterranean termite control is challenging since these termites usually nest underground, rendering fumigation ineffective, so they need soil treatments. Subterranean termite control methods vary, depending on where they nest. With Hi-Tech Termite Control, our experts will apply the best termite control method for you. See below for the various options of subterranean termites treatment available.


Altriset is a liquid, plant-based, and the first and only termiticide that is considered reduced-risk according to the EPA. If spotted early, localized treatment may be an option. However, a full perimeter treatment may be necessary for severe Subterranean termite infestations.

Altiset is applied in and around the entire perimeter of your home by injecting the solution into the soil for termite treatment or prevention. Since Subterranean termites thrive and nest below ground, trench digging into the soil and drilling into concrete, brick, or other hard-finished materials may be required for maximum termite control. Altriset is then applied to the exposed surface before sealing, providing immediate and long-term effects of termite control.

Termidor is a water-based termiticide and is the most widely used termiticide in the industry, a testament to the product’s efficacy. Like Altriset, a localized treatment may be an option or may require shallow trenching, and drilling into hard structures may be required, depending on the severity of the termite infestation.

While Termidor SC is specially formulated for Subterranean soil treatment, Termidor DRY best works on woods infested with Subterranean termites. Termidor SC can be applied to surfaces either by injection or spray. Our termite control experts can determine the best treatment method during your free inspection.

Bora-Care is a liquid, plant-based termiticide with a 30-year warranty, specifically formulated to treat or prevent infestations on raw wood. It is a highly effective insecticide that not only addresses your termite problems but fungi, old house borers, and carpenter ants too!

Its non-repellent properties and active ingredient borate salt poison the termite’s digestive system, inhibiting nutrient absorption and eventually killing them. Bora-Care is applied directly to wood surfaces for prevention or treatment purposes.

Determining the proper subterranean termite treatment is an important decision. After completing a free thorough termite inspection, we can provide proven treatments at Hi-Tech Termite Control. Our professional termite experts also offer ways to prevent termite infestations.

Preventative Orange County
Termite Tasks & Treatments

Termites are prevalent in Orange County and can cause extensive damage to homes and buildings. Below are ways to control subterranean termites in Orange County. These measures can help prevent termite infestation.

  1. Create an artificial slope and proper ventilation to allow water to flow away from your home. Keep trees, trellises, and vines trimmed, and never bury or pile wood chips or lumber close to the house.
  2. Get an inspection of your home by one of our professionals with years of experience and training. They can thoroughly check crawl space, basement, attic, and other detached structures for signs of termite infestations.
  3. Monitor moisture levels in areas where an infestation could occur. Termites need moisture and soil to thrive and survive underground. They can dig tunnels through concrete cracks.
  4. Take precautions to prevent water from pooling around your foundation. Check downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks.
  5. Check the plumbing, replace old taps, and keep an eye out for drips and leaks.
  6. Fill in foundation cracks and holes.
  7. Keep your gutters and downspouts free of debris. Obstructions and clogs attract termites.
  8. Get rid of any stagnant water and fix any leaky pipes. Termites cannot live solely on wood, and they need water to survive.
  9. Keep the perimeter of your home free of any loose wood, tree stumps, or lumber. Firewood is a termite magnet.

If you think you might have a termite problem in your home, call Hi-Tech Termite Control. We offer free termite inspections and several effective termite treatment solutions.

Orange County Subterranean Termite Treatment FAQs

A termite infestation can cause significant damage to your home, but most homeowners do not know that they have termites, much less how to deal with them. Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about termite infestation.

How Do I Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites?

If you suspect you have subterranean termites in your home, it is crucial to take action quickly. Being vigilant is vital since termites can cause a lot of damage before you notice them. Before attempting a DIY project, how about letting a termite inspector examine it? At Hi-Tech Termite Control, we offer free termite inspections.

What Is The Best Treatment For Subterranean Termite Control?

The traditional methods are effective at destroying entire colonies of termites. However, some may not be environmentally friendly and highly toxic to humans. Our team of experts performs inspections before determining the best treatment for your home.

How Long Does Subterranean Termite Treatment Last?

The duration of control on a particular home depends on several factors, including:

Type of product

Thoroughness of applications

Local environmental conditions

The number of termites

Treatment for termites such as Altriset can last for five years on average. However, some treatments last longer, with regular monitoring. Studies show that Bora-Care lasts a lifetime if applied by a professional, and Termidor can last for more than 15 years.

How Serious Are Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites infestations pose a severe threat and require professional treatment. According to estimates, one in five homes in Sand Diego is at risk. Termites are voracious eaters of Douglas Fir and other woods found in homes. They can destroy wood from within, so the damage to your home can go undetected for years.

This could be very costly and severely damage the foundation of your home.

Do Subterranean Termites Go Away?

When cooler temperatures arrive in Orange County, this is a frequently asked question. Even though termites dislike cold weather, it is rare for them to die from it, even in areas with harsh winters. Termites will dig deeper into the ground to avoid the cold but stay active. Termites will only go away with the proper subterranean termite treatment.

Home Protected From Termites Through Regular Subterranean Termites Treatment By Termite Control Experts

Top Subterranean Termite Treatment In Orange County

If you have inquiries regarding Orange County subterranean termites treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hi-Tech Termite Control. We’ll have one of our control experts answer all your questions and inquiries. As the top choice for termite control in Orange County, we’d be happy to perform a free termite inspection for you to help keep your home termite-free. We offer proven subterranean termite treatment throughout Orange County at Hi-Tech Termite Control. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!