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Hi-Tech Termite Control is a full-service termite control and prevention company that provides the following:

  • Eco-Friendly Treatments
  • Termite Prevention Treatment Options
  • Subterranean Termite Treatments
  • Services for commercial and multi-unit properties
  • Tent fumigations for extensive infestations 
  • Termite Fumigation
Termite Inspection

Orange County Termite Control

Orange County is the second-most densely populated county in California and is filled with singlefamily residences. From the large cities and festive beach towns, there’s plenty of things to love about living in Southern California, but the serious threat of a termite infestation isn’t one of them! Whether you own a home in Anaheim, Irvine, or Laguna Beach, one thing is certain—termites love it here too. 

How can you protect your home from a termite infestation and potentially catastrophic damage? Let the experts at Hi-Tech Termite Control do what we do best—get rid of termites once and for all. Once you book your free termite inspection in Orange County, one of our licensed inspectors will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your home, looking for signs of termites as well as termite damage. 

The inspector will determine the type of termite infestation, the extent of the infestation, and whether termites have spread into inaccessible areas. These findings will help your home’s inspector create an accurate assessment of your home‘s infestation, along with the most effective termite control in Orange County customized for your needs. 

Stay at Home Local Treatments

If your home is a candidate for a localized treatment approach, we are one of the few termite companies in Orange County to provide an extensive line of convenient, eco-friendly termite treatments. We offer a range of options using products such as Termidor®, Bora-Care, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, and Altriset. 

We often use these termite control methods in conjunction with our patented microwave method using our patented XTerminator 4.0™ unit. The advanced technology of our microwave termite treatment allows us to kill termites even in wall voids and other inaccessible areas. This non-invasive termite control approach uses no chemicals, so you and your pets can remain at home during the process. 

Full Structure Tent Fumigation

On the other hand, if the termite infestation is severe and extends into inaccessible areas, we may recommend tent fumigation. In this case, we will help you through the process, step-by-step, to ensure a smooth termite extermination.

Unlike localized treatments, when we tent a home for termites, people, pets, and plants must be removed from the home during the fumigation process. Most fumigation treatments require an average of about two nights out of the home.

Because fumigation for termites is one of the most powerful and comprehensive methods of termite control in Orange County, the process can take several days. Here’s an overview of what homeowners can expect with our termite fumigation services:

  • Your termite inspector will walk you through the fumigation process step-by-step so you know what all is involved.
  • Day 1: We erect the fumigation tent, seal it off, and begin the termite fumigation process. 
  • Day 2: Fumigation gas levels are monitored for the complete coverage needed to eradicate all the termites.
  • Day 3: We remove the tent and thoroughly measure fumigation levels to clear the home for safe reentry. 

The severity of your termite infestation and the size of your home are determining factors for how long your particular fumigation process takes. While the typical termite fumigation method takes about three days, there are times when the process can be completed sooner. 

Wood Repair

Finally, if dry rot or wood damage as a result of termites is discovered, Hi-Tech Termite Control will provide you with an estimate for the wood repair. All repairs are performed by our own wood repair technicians or by a trusted partner.

Why Choose Hi-Tech Termite Control?

Our goal is simple—to help you rid your home of termites. The integrity of your structure is our top priority. Whatever our inspectors recommend, you can be confident they are providing you with the best termite solution possible. In addition, we stand by our service with our unbeatable warranty. Call today to find out more about termite control in Orange County and set up a time to have your property inspected for termites.

*Please call our office for pricing on inspections for escrows, VA loans, or refinancing.

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