Homes here in the Southern California area are liable to be infested by termites. At Hi-Tech termite control, we strive to ensure that these termites are stopped in their tracks. That’s why we provide a litany of termite control services, including microwave technology termite extermination. Hi-Tech Termite Control’s microwave termite extermination is an excellent termite control treatment because it’s completely noninvasive and environmentally friendly. Here are a few of the numerous benefits of using our microwave technology to eliminate termites in your San Diego home:

Avoid a Fumigation Tent

The most popular, and a more inconvenient solution to a termite infestation is fumigation of the entire structure. When you fumigate, a tent structure must be built and placed over your home to contain the chemical fumigant. This process can be taxing since it requires three full days to fumigate a home and ensure that the air is breathable after a fumigation.

With microwave termite extermination, the process is far speedier, and you won’t have to avoid your home for days. Our expert termite exterminators simply come to your home, identify termite infested areas, and treat those areas with our highly powerful, highly successful microwave device, the XTerminator 4.0™.

Stay Green

Microwaves are generated from electricity. With a bit of electricity, our termite exterminating device targets termites, killing them instantly. Unlike the fumigation process, no chemicals are used or released into the environment.

Stay at Home

Since microwave technology is completely localized, exterminating termites couldn’t be easier. You’ll be able to stay in your home and live life as usual (so long as our technician isn’t in the way!). You won’t have to gather your pets and children for a stay at a hotel. You won’t have to toss out any food, cosmetics, or medication. Lastly,you won’t have to disconnect your computer or other electronics. Microwave termite extermination treatments only affect termites. Your home’s structural integrity will be retained, and your home will remain livable.