Termite Control San DiegoTermidor® Termite Treatments

Today we’re talking about Termidor termite treatments, which besides being fun to say five times fast, is America’s #1 termite defense product. Lets start by what the manufacturer has to say,  “…when you choose it (Termidor) you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best termite treatment available for your home. Why? First and foremost, it works — no ifs, ands or buts. Second, it is formulated to exacting standards and applied only by qualified professionals…”

I started with that quote because it really can not be stated any clearer then that.

If your a property owner or manager and you suspect that or know you have a termite problem there’s actually a good chance you don’t have to go to the expense and the major inconvenience of a full scale tent fumigation.

Treating Dry wood and Subterranean Termites using Hi-Tech’s innovative techniques such as fiber-optic scoping of inaccessible areas (wall voids) and the use of effective state approved chemicals like Termidor is clean, low toxic, efficient solution that could be the perfect answer for your termite problem.

What’s more is when Termidor is applied properly by a licensed professional it will continue to be safe and effective for years!

I’ll have more on your termite control options in future posts. Remember if you are in need of San Diego termite control, count on Hi-Tech today! We proudly provide service throughout Southern California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — call us for termite control services!