Hi-Tech uses 3 extermination methods to eliminate and protect your home from termites:

Microwaving – Heat is generated by a magnatron that is mounted on a tripod for easy access to interiors, floors, walls and ceilings.

Chemical Injections / Spraying – We inject Termidor and similar chemicals that spread like a virus throughout a termite colony to exterminate it.

Tenting / Fumigation – If an inspector discovers heavy infestation in areas that are mostly inaccessible, fumigation will be recommended.

Do I have Ants or Termites?

We offer termite treatment.Winged Ant vs Winged Termite

house-antThe Ant

We exterminate powderpost-termites.The Termite

Termites (right) have a broad waist and curved antennae. Coloring is white or light to dark brown.