Termite damage can effect your structure!

As a property owner, there’s no more inconvenient and expensive prospect for maintaining your property then the needing a full scale tent fumigation to control termites.

Because of this there is nothing more attractive for the property owner then economical and effective alternatives to fumigation.

Good news! An economical and effective alternative to fumigation is exactly what Hi- Tech Termite control provides with cutting edge detection techniques and termite treatments like Termidore.

In fact, treating dry wood and even subterranean termites using Hi-Tech’s innovative techniques could be the perfect answer for your termite problem!

The truth is these are tough times to be a termite. Fiber-optic scoping of inaccessible areas (wall voids) and the use of effective state approved chemicals like Termidor represent real alternatives to fumigation that didn’t exist in the past.

What’s more is when Termidore is applied properly by a licensed professional it will continue to be effective for years! That’s the economical part.

I’ll have more on your termite control options in future posts. Remember if you are in need of San Diego termite control call Hi-Tech today!

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