Count on us for termite fumigation.

What should I expect?

Fumigation is a three-day process:

  1. On the first day, the tent goes on and the home is carefully sealed to keep the Vikane® gas from escaping. Warning signs are posted on the exterior of the tent and the gas is introduced into the structure. At this point, an optional alarm monitored by Bay Alarm can be installed at an additional cost for those concerned with possible burglary.
  2. On the second day, we measure the amount of gas in the house to ensure that the gas did not escape. This is a crucial step to confirm an effective eradication. Once this is confirmed, the house is aerated, allowing the gas to escape and dissipate.
  3. On the third day, the tent will be removed and the home will be cleared for re-entry once the gas is completely dissipated and the home is safe to enter. Typically, you can reenter your house by noon on the third day. The gas company should be scheduled to turn everything back on in the afternoon.

Important things to know:

  • California law requires the fumigation company to open at least one operational window in each room a minimum of 3 inches. For structures with more than one floor, only the top floors will be opened. The first floor windows will be locked.
  • Industry-wide, we require a foliage, burglary, and roof waiver. In some cases a neighbor’s release form may be required.
  • Currently installed home security alarm systems cannot usually be used. Since some of the windows have to be left open, the sensors may prevent the alarm from arming. If the alarm cannot be turned on and off from the exterior of the tent (by using a remote), then it also defeats the purpose of the alarm. To still provide protection to your home, we do offer a temporary alarm. The alarm is installed with an audible base station, motion sensors and cellular connection for monitoring. Bay Alarm (a national alarm monitoring company) will monitor the house and dispatch police if any of the motion sensors trigger the alarm. The owner and the fumigation company are also informed.
  • Before fumigation, we will arrange to turn the gas off for you. You will be responsible for turning the gas back on. The fumigation company and the gas company do not work on Sundays. This means that fumigations that start on Friday or Saturday will be a four-day process.
  • Fumigation will eliminate nearly all insects that are under the tent. However, at times, ant infestations can occur after the fumigation. If this happens, please call us so that we can help you with an ant treatment.
  • The fumigation company needs access to all areas of the house to ensure that the gas has no risk of lingering. This means that all doors need to be unlocked and opened. This includes things such as safes and locked filing cabinets.
  • Always remove valuables from your home. Cash, jewelry, and firearms are the top things that burglars target.
  • Electrical conduits running between buildings can carry gas from one structure to another. For this reason, all connected buildings must be vacated during the fumigation process whether all buildings are being fumigated or not.
  • Satellite dishes are often knocked out of alignment during the process of removing the tent. Realignment by your satellite provider may be necessary.