Termite Fumigation

When a home is infested to the point where other termite control measures aren’t effective, the only way to save the home could be termite fumigation. Fumigation treatment for termites is one of the most advanced and comprehensive termite control solutions available.

Here’s what you can expect with Hi-Tech Termite Control and our fumigation services:

  • Fumigation is a three-day process and dates are set by mutual agreement. 
  • A professionally trained inspector will go over all the details from start to finish
  • On the first day, the tent is erected over the home, sealed, and fumigation begins.
  • On the second day, gas levels are monitored to ensure complete coverage
  • Once the fumigation process is complete, the tent is vented.
  • On the third day, the tent is removed, and the home is cleared for reentry.

Depending on the level of infestation and the size of the home, the process could take less time, but you can count on a typical termite tenting treatment taking about 72 hours. View our full guide to the fumigation process here

Termite Inspection

When is Termite Fumigation the Best Treatment Option?

A termite inspector may recommend termite fumigation to eliminate infestations in inaccessible areas that other termite treatments can’t reach. A fumigation treatment provides one of the most effective termite solutions for severe infestations. When it comes to protecting your home against termite damage, you can’t afford the risk of termites surviving and re-infesting your home. 

A house fumigation treatment for termites uses a proven gas termiticide that penetrates deep into your home’s structure to eradicate termites in attics, walls, and other areas. There’s nowhere for termites to hide when you let Hi-Tech Termite Control take care of your termite problem once and for all. 

Home Termite Fumigation Treatment by Hi-Tech Termite Control

A termite fumigation treatment is a detailed control solution that must be performed by certified professionals who have received extensive specialized training. Our team has the experience and knowledge to perform fumigation services in the safest way possible for your family, but the means of an end for a termite infestation. 

Since safety is the priority, the fumigation technicians monitor the gas termiticide during the fumigation treatment to ensure the gas stays contained to treatment areas only. Once the termite tenting process is complete, a termite technician tests each area of your home to ensure it’s safe to re-enter your home. 

While termite tenting is the most extensive control measure, there is always the possibility termites can establish a colony near your home and re-infest it. But when you choose Hi-Tech Termite Control to protect your home, we can create a barrier using a preventive treatment plan. When you combine the comprehensive termite treatment you get with fumigation and a proven termite prevention solution, you can protect your home today and for years to come. 

Now that you know how effective termite fumigation treatment can be, don’t risk letting a termite infestation do even more damage. Get your free termite inspection today and let Hi-Tech Termite Control protect your home. From Los Angeles to San Diego to Orange County, if you live in Southern California, we’ve got you covered.