If your inspector discovers heavy infestation in areas that are mostly inaccessible, they may recommend fumigation. Fumigation is a three-day process and dates are set by mutual agreement.

You will be given a list of things to complete before fumigation can begin. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure all pets have been removed (and kept away) during fumigation.

Is Fumigation Always necessary?

No. However, our licensed inspector will advise a full-structure tent fumigation if that form of extermination is necessary. Whether Hi-Tech fumigates or uses the microwave system, our service contract is the same. Based upon the nature and extent of termite infestation, Hi-Tech’s advanced technology could be your answer.

3 Day Process

Rid yourself of termites in only 3 days with our formulated tenting process. With whole-structure fumigation using Vikane gas fumigant, there’s no place for drywood termites to hide.

Vikane disperses throughout the entire home, even into areas infested by drywood termites that are hidden or inaccessible to pest management professionals. Vikane penetrates through the wood to eliminate all termite colonies. Once the gas has dissipated no harmful residue remains and your home is safe for re-entry.

On Day One

The Fumigation Crew arrives and carefully seals your structure. Then Vikane (a common termite fumigant) is applied. Warning signs are posted and the structure remains sealed overnight.

On Day Two

The crew removes all tarps and the structure is aired out with large fans for a full hour or more. Doors and windows are locked and the structure is left unoccupied.

On Day Three

The licensed fumigator uses Interscan (a Vikane gas detector) to ensure safety for re-entry. A clearance for re-entry is then posted at the property. Where subterranean termites are discovered our termite extermination technician will trench and treat soil and/or drill through a slab foundation and pressure inject Termidor or other state registered chemicals.

If termites have invaded your property call Hi-Tech for a free inspection.