Orange Oil Termite Treatments

Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we provide XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® treatments. This innovative treatment is almost entirely natural, yet highly effective. Best of all, your family won’t have to leave the home to get rid of those termites.

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We provide service throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. If you’re still curious about our orange oil treatments, feel free to continue reading to learn more about our XT-2000 solution, the treatment process, and the benefits of orange oil as an alternative to fumigation.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment

What Is XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus?

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is just that: A solution that is mainly comprised of orange oil. This solution contains pure d-limonene — in fact, it contains 95% d-limonene — which is simply citrus oil extracted from orange peels. The purity of the oil helps XT-2000 to wick through treated wood easily, seeping through the porous cells of wood as it spreads in all directions from an injection site. In fact, XT-2000 penetrates deeper than other products, since it is oil based.

Termite Treatment

How Does XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus Work?

We inject XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus into wood where a termite colony has been discovered. Termites that contact the solution die instantly, and those who are exposed to nearby fumes die off shortly thereafter. XT-2000 remains active for about six weeks, ensuring that the treated area is clear of termites. Orange oil travels further into the wood than any other product because it is oil based.

The Benefits of Our Orange Oil Treatments

  • Orange oil is low-risk: XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is a minimally hazardous solution, and, since it’s injected directly into wood, it shouldn’t affect your family or pets. You may simply smell a pleasing orange odor as the solution seeps into the surrounding wood. As mentioned, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is almost entirely made up of d-limonene, which is a citrus oil extracted from orange peels. That makes XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus one of the most natural treatment solutions available.
  • Don’t vacate your home: While other treatments mean that you’ll have to leave your home for some time, orange oil treatments cause little to no inconvenience. You won’t have to find lodging. You won’t have to pay a sitter to watch your pets. You won’t have to store or get rid of food in your fridge and pantry. You won’t have to move houseplants. And you won’t have to pay for lodging, pet-sitting, and food along the way. You can stay comfortable and get peace of mind with an orange oil treatment.
  • Orange oil treatments are ideal for multi-tenant housing: Treating multi-tenant housing can be especially difficult, since these buildings are even more difficult to tent and fumigate than a normal-sized home. Plus, moving multiple tenants can be especially costly to rental property owners. Opt for localized orange oil treatments over tenting and fumigation to keep costs to a minimum, while keeping tenants happy.

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Don’t let termites make your home their own. Wipe out termite colonies at the source with our effective and convenient orange oil treatments. Discover why orange oil is quickly becoming the industry standard for localized termite treatments — call us today to schedule an inspection and treatment for your property! Again, we provide termite treatment and control services in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is XT-2000 created?

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is created from orange peels. Orange rinds (that may otherwise go to waste) are used to extract their natural oils. D-limonene is extracted from the rind, and this citrus oil is largely the main ingredient in XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus. Since this product is simply derived from oranges, it is a renewable resource, and it has little impact on the environment.

How is the orange oil solution injected into wood?

We will inspect and locate colonies throughout your structure with an optical scope to identify the heart of a colony. From there, we’ll assess the best injection sites and the best means to reach the wood. We drill tiny holes to inject the solution into the wood, and any holes that leave a cosmetic blemish (like a hole in drywall), will be patched and repaired. Once we’re done, you won’t be able to tell we performed an injection!

Does XT-2000 kill off termite eggs?

The XT-2000 formula is strong enough to kill termite eggs. Since the solution penetrates deep into the wood in which it is injected, it can reach the queen and her eggs. In this way, our orange oil treatments are an effective solution to treat the whole colony, eggs and all.

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