Tim-Bor Termite Treatment

Tim-Bor: Natural and Effective Modern Termite Control

For the prolific drywood termites that infest homes in Southern California, tenting and fumigation continue to be the preferred treatment for severe infestations. But for many homes with less severe infestations, localized termite treatments provide an effective and eco-friendly alternative to the harsh chemicals required for proper fumigation. Local termite solutions like Tim-Bor focus on areas of a structure known to be infested to create a multi-pronged control method designed to impact the entire colony.

Hi-Tech Termite Control uses Tim-Bor Professional Insecticide as part of our commitment to using the least toxic and most effective natural termiticides available. While we still provide fumigation services for those homes that are heavily infested, we’ve found that termiticide alternatives like Timbor offer many of our customers the short- and long-term termite control they need.

What is Tim-Bor?

Tim-Bor is a fungicide and insecticide that contains a natural chemical called disodium octaborate tetrahydrate derived from borate-rich mineral deposits. The termiticide uses a high concentration of boron that acts as a wood preservative, insecticide, and termiticide.

While the formula is highly effective for termite control, it also helps control wood borer beetles, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and other pests while protecting wood against fungi.

How Does Tim-Bor Insecticide Work?

Tim-Bor kills termites and other insects using a slow-acting poison that affects their ability to digest food. Termites are exposed to the termiticide from the wood they eat and by coming in contact with other infected termites. Because of the delayed reaction of the poison, the termiticide can be transmitted to other members of a colony resulting in a chain reaction that eradicates the entire nest.

The termiticide comes in a powder that can be used as a liquid, foam, or dust for specific Tim-Bor wood treatments. Used in a liquid or foam solution, Timbor insecticide penetrates the wood to varying degrees, depending on the moisture content, species, and other factors — but it is effective immediately in the areas it penetrates. Regardless of the wood’s characteristics, the termiticide is drawn deeper into the wood fibers as normal changes in moisture levels occur. The result is both immediate and long-term termite control for treated structures.

Because of the variations in wood, some areas may require two Tim-Bor treatments using a liquid formula to prevent termites — particularly bare wood found in siding, decks, trim, posts, trusses, and rafters. For wood that’s already infested, a foam solution is injected into strategically drilled holes to have a direct impact on infestations. In dust form, Tim-Bor effectively controls termites in cracks, voids, and other inaccessible areas.

You can count on Tim-Bor for long-lasting control, as the manufacturer of Tim-Bor guarantees the product to last for the life of the treated wood as long as it’s not exposed to rain or immersion in water.

To learn more about our convenient and eco-friendly termiticides like Tim-Bor, Altriset, and others, check out our alternative termite treatment page. You’ll find a range of termite control options that are highly effective against termites yet allow humans and animals to stay home during the treatment process. In fact, table salt has a higher toxicity than Tim-Bor when it comes to mammals!

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