For certain termite infestations, fumigation is still the most comprehensive and recommended treatment to get rid of termites for good. But thanks to advancements like microwave termite control, we can often treat many termite infestations effectively and easily using localized termite control methods.

We have served the Southern California region for decades and are proud to be one of the industry leaders in environmentally preferred termite control. From plant-based treatments to mineral-based products like Bora-Care, our customers have more options for termite control than ever. These products are often used along with our patented microwave method.

Microwave termite control offers effective, site-specific termite eradication. In Southern California, this method of treatment has successfully been in use for decades. That’s because a microwave termite treatment offers one of the most eco-friendly and effective methods for termite control yet.

XTerminator 4.0

Microwave Termite Device Treatment System

When can microwave termite treatment be used instead of fumigation? Again, some termite infestations will require fumigation for complete control. But for many termite infestations, microwave technology is a local treatment solution for customers and their families seeking convenient, eco-friendly termite control. That’s why Hi-Tech Termite Control is proud to offer the latest microwave termite device treatment system, the XTerminator 4.0™. The termite microwave gun is one of the most powerful and effective treatment tools for getting rid of termites at the source. In fact, an experiment performed by UC Berkeley determined that after being treated with microwave termite control equipment, “the overall mortality value for naturally infested boards was 97.4 percent”!

Eco Friendly Termite Treatment

Environmentally Friendly Treatment

During our microwave termite control treatment, humans and pets can remain at home, so customers don’t have to vacate for a few days like they do with a fumigation treatment. You can maintain your lifestyle, keep your family, food, and animals in your home, and live as you would (so long as our exterminator isn’t temporarily in the way!).Because the microwave method is noninvasive, customers don’t have to worry about drilling, spraying, and other application methods typically used. Microwaves pass through walls and other barriers to treat areas other termite treatments can’t, so there’s nowhere to hide.

The microwave method is used in combination with our plant-based or plant-inspired products to ensure your termites are effectively eliminated. These also allow you to conveniently remain at home during treatment.

Microwave Termite Device Treatment System

Effectiveness of Microwave Termite Extermination

So how does a microwave termite device treatment system work? If you use a microwave, you already get the basic concept. But instead of reheating leftovers, our microwaves kill termites. And not just some termites—they kill the workers, soldiers, eggs, nymphs, and the queen for complete eradication of the termite colony. If you have termites, we have a quick and eco-friendly local treatment method using microwave technology.

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Get your free termite inspection today and learn more about microwave termite control and other effective eco-friendly termite treatments available in Southern California. From Los Angeles to San Diego and across Orange County, Hi-Tech Termite Control has a solution for your termite infestation.