Microwave termite control tech is non-invasive!

Using Microwave Technology for termite treatment and control is a fast and efficient way to kill termites in localized and inaccessible areas. Environmentally-friendly, microwave termite treatments don’t require the homeowner to vacate or remove food. It’s people and pet friendly!

Microwave technology for eradicating termites has been in use for over 25 years. Hi-Tech’s  clean, efficient microwave technology was tested in 1993 by the state of California and had a 97.4% efficacy rate on the structure that was treated. Since that time, we have continued to upgrade and improve our technology to an even higher level of efficiency. In 2012, we were happy to release our latest state-registered model, the XTerminator 4.0™.

How Microwave Termite Treatments Work

An effective treatment starts with a detailed inspection.  One of our licensed inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of the home to locate the termite colonies and note any termite damage.

During treatment, our highly skilled technicians will use a fiber-optic scope to determine how far the termites have traveled into the wall.  The XTerminator™ microwave is then mounted on a tripod for easy access to wall framing.  The XTerminator contains a magnatron. It’s funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood containing the termites. When it finds termites, the microwave energy converts to heat, almost instantly killing termites infesting the wood.

With the queen gone, eggs destroyed, and the workforce all but eliminated, the termite colony will be wiped out for good.

The Advantages of Microwave Termite Extermination.

When concentrated in specific areas, termites are killed in seconds – much faster than traditional heat methods where the core of large beams take a long time to reach the required temperature.

The objective is to kill the termites without doing further harm to the wooden structure.

With our proven Microwave extermination method, our process is extremely non-invasive!

• NO packing or hotel costs
• NO removal of pets
• NO removal of plants, plastics or furs
• NO removal of food, cosmetics or medications
• NO landscaping or roof damage waivers
• NO disconnecting computers, security systems or antennas
• NO special tree or shrub trimming
• NO need to shut off the gas
• NO need to notify the fire department prior to treatment

The great appeal of microwave termite treatment is the speed of completion and the flexibility with which it can be used. It can be performed on just one area of the structure (such as a balcony or the walls in a single room).

The Microwave treatment is a green, environmentally-friendly, and non-invasive approach to controlling termites.

Some customers also prefer us to combine microwave treatments with state approved chemicals such as Termidor and Premise 2, a clean low toxic and efficient solution for long-lasting termite control.

If you would like to find out if Microwave Termite Extermination Treatments would work for your home or building please call  Hi-Tech for a free inspection.