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Our services provide our clients with a comprehensive range of termite control and prevention services that covers all types of termite infestations – Inspection, Control/Removal and Preventive Treatments. Eco-friendly methods are available.

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    Our Success Stories

    “We did not want to go through the hassle of tenting our house and selected Hi Tech Termite to provide treatment of our house which was loaded with termites as we had no treatment for 15 years. We found that Hi Tech is thorough, their employees friendly, and their treatment effective. After having our home treated, we noticed more termite activity in the warranty period. They came out for additional treatments promptly with no questions asked. We liked their service so much, we signed up for the yearly maintenance program and have received the same thorough and prompt service. We highly recommend them.”

    – William C

    “Charity, Shane, and Cory were all friendly, professional, thorough, and efficient. The whole process was stress free, and the products and services are, I think, very reasonable. They were able to offer a tent-free alternative for my situation and back up their work with a great warranty.”

    – Barbara G

    Areas Served

    Hi-Tech Termite Control serves Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the surrounding areas. We work out of hubs in San Diego and Orange County. Wherever you may be, you can get in touch with us to get a reliable, professional termite control service you can trust.

    Young Subterranean Termites Spotted Near San Diego Home Before Subterranean Termites Treatment

    Hi-Tech has a range of termite control options including microwave removal, eco-friendly solutions and the use of approved chemicals to ensure total termite control.

    How Common Are Termites In San Diego

    Hi-Tech Termite Control is known across the state for its professionalism, dedication to client service and the use of the most effective cutting-edge termite control technology, backed by trained personnel who ensure that the homes we treat remain safe for years to come.

    We are experts in finding termite infestations, getting rid of them and ensuring that they do not return.