microwave-treatmentEffective termite control starts with some essential steps. First, a thorough inspection of the home or building should be carried out by a professional inspector. Someone with years of experience in the termite control sector brings a necessary level of know-how and judgement to the process of determining where and how to treat the termites in your home or building.

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Inspections for termite control should cover both the primary structure and its surroundings. This includes the crawl space under the floor and the attic (if accessible). It also includes any other adjacent timber structures, tool sheds, and garages. Detached structures will be inspected upon request. Potential conditions in the surroundings that could lead to termite infestation will be noted.

The resultant report will detail the most appropriate plan of action for termite control. This may include:

Termite Control Through Soil Treatment

Treatment of the soil adjacent to and below the building. Termites trying to access the main structure through the treated soil must be eliminated.

For buildings constructed on a concrete slab, it may be necessary to drill through the slab to treat the soil below for effective subterranean termite control. Termite control performed using a chemical barrier should only be applied by a trained expert. Specialized equipment ensures the entire structure is fully barricaded from subterranean termite attacks. Any foraging termites in the building will be unable to safely rejoin the colony through the treated soil.

Termites frequently return there to feed and nurture the newly hatched termites and their queen, who can lay up to 20,000 eggs a day. Without workers able to return to the nest, the colony will eventually collapse.

We provide termite control services.

Bait Stations may also be used for termite control. However, homeowners often fail to understand that these bait stations must be regularly inspected and refreshed 3-4 times a year by a licensed termite control professional, or their effectiveness is low. Termidor, on the other hand, is highly effective and does not require quarterly maintenance.

Termite Control Through Localized Treatments

For drywood termite control, we may recommend the microwave treatment and localized application of a termiticide or orange oil. If a termiticide is required, we use Termidor, a product widely recognized for its effectiveness in controlling termites.  It is a water-based, odorless product that is not harmful to humans or pets when properly administered by a professional. In our experience, these combined methods are more effective than other heat methods.

For widespread infestations, effective termite control must start with fumigation of the entire building.

Termite Control by Improvements to the Structure & Landscaping

There may be recommended modifications to the building or landscaping to improve the effectiveness of termite control measures and reduce the threat of further termite attacks. For example, these might include the removal of termite infested timbers adjacent to the house or in contact with the soil or the reduction of humidity below the floor. Mulch should also be removed – especially where it abuts the building as it provides termites with an easy food source and a humid environment.

Termite Control Through Moisture Management

One of the more complex challenges with termite control is managing the dampness and humidity that can occur in many homes and buildings. It can emanate from a multitude of malfunctions with plumbing, equipment and weatherproofing. For example, a leaking shower, a faulty drainage pipe or dishwasher, cracks in roofing tiles and leaking guttering, air-conditioning problems and condensation overflow from refrigerators and freezers can create moisture conditions that encourage termite infestation.

This moisture typically finds its way into the lower supporting timbers providing an environment that’s ideal for subterranean termites.

If you the homeowner find signs of live termites it’s important NOT to disturb them or try to treat them yourself. It may appear that you have killed them off, but termites are extremely adept at survival. The likely scenario is that you have caused them to relocate to other parts of the building where their presence may not be discovered until more insidious damage has been wrought.

Your termite inspector will provide a report that will detail the current state of the building and the best course of action for effective termite control both in the short and long term. A trained termite control professional with years of experience in treating termite infestations in a variety of different environments and structures will know how best to manage your infestation. With Hi-Tech Termite Control, you can rest assured that we’ll treat your structure properly in order to eradicate termites. Again, Hi-Tech Termite Control serves folks throughout Southern California, including residents in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County — reach out to us to protect your home!