Free Termite Inspection

— Over 20 years of experience
— Prevent thousands of dollars of property damage
— Professional and Certified Technicians

Free Termite Inspection

— Over 20 years of experience
— Prevent thousands of dollars of property damage
— Professional and Certified Technicians

FREE Termite Inspection

Let us show you why we’re San Diego County and Orange County’s #1 termite control experts.

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At Hi-Tech Termite Control, a family-owned and -operated company, we pride ourselves on service with integrity. We offer:
Eco-friendly & family-friendly termite treatments
Preventative termite treatments
Free inspections
Residential, multi-unit, & commercial services
An unbeatable warranty

“They take pride in what they do”

Just want Steve to know that all his workman are very professional and on time and did a great job. Frank, who does the repairs, was also very professional and kind and does really good work. You can tell he takes pride in what he does.


“A highly professional organization”

We have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Steve Whitson and the entire staff at Hi-Tech Termite Control for the better part of 15 years. During this time, we have found Hi-Tech Termite Control to be not only very responsive but more importantly, a highly professional organization to work with in a variety of real estate investment scenarios.

P.J. Murphy

“I recommend them for the excellent service”

I am glad to compliment Hi-Tech Termite Control and recommend them for the excellent service they provide. We have contracted with them on various properties we manage utilizing the different approaches they have for the treatment of termites.

James E. Huges

“Thanks for the great job!”

Thanks for a great job on our termite inspection, and for the special attention, too!  It is a pleasure to represent you in the air.

Roger Hedgecock

“You pride yourselves on the best service possible“

I just wanted to thank you for your company’s continued strive for excellence. I have enjoyed working with you and your company over the past 15 years and look forward to many more years because of your company’s pride in themselves providing the best service possible. You have been extremely successful at that!

Gina Falcon-Heneghan

What Are Some Signs of Termites?

Termites may be difficult to spot. Unfortunately, termites prefer to remain hidden within tunnels throughout their colony. Drywood termites reside completely within wood structures, and subterranean termites build mud tunnels. You may notice these mud tunnels, as well as discarded termite wings (from swarming), termite droppings (small wood-colored pellets), or structural damage. A termite inspector will help you identify a termite colony, and they can determine the source of the colony.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

There are a variety of specialized treatments that target termites. Here at Hi-Tech Termite Control, we offer traditional termite treatments—including termiticide treatments and fumigation—as well as alternative termite treatments—like our microwave termite treatments. Learn more about our termite treatment options.

What Does a Two-Year Service Contract Mean?

Unlike other companies, our service contract is quite simple. Your entire structure is covered for two years against any old or new infestation of Drywood termites, regardless of what area of the structure the infestation occurs. All service calls during your contract period are free of charge. This covers the original and the extended service contract if renewed after the first two years. Hi- Tech also offers contracts on subterranean termites where other companies don’t.

How Do I Know I Have Termites?

There are three species of wood-destroying termites in Southern California: the Drywood, the subterranean, and the dampwood termites.

Drywood termites are the most common termites found in Southern California. About 78 percent of structures inspected each year are infested with this type. Subterranean termites are found in approximately 26 percent of structures, and Dampwood termites are found in approximately 2 percent.

Drywood termites leave piles of droppings or pellets near their nest. They also swarm on warm days, leaving the nest to breed. Swarmers look like red ants with wings. Actually, they have a red head and long brown body.

Subterranean termites are ground dwelling termites and build tubes to access their food. Look for mud tubes or swarmers in the spring months. Subterranean swarmers look like small black water ants with wings. The easiest way to differentiate flying ants from termites is to check the insect’s wings. If the wings are short, stubby and end at the rear end of the insect, it is a flying ant. If the wings are long, tear-shaped and twice the length of the insect, you’ve got termites. Hollow holes in wood is a strong indicator that you have termites.

Termite Control

It’s no surprise to local residents that Southern California boasts one of the best climates in the world. Unfortunately, termites do not disagree! The summertime heat and humidity, the moderate winters, and the lush vegetation throughout Southern California make it one giant termite playground.

Whether you need termite treatment in a coastal region or inland, we are here to help! With twenty-five years of industry experience in termite control, we pride ourselves on the quality of our termite inspections and services. 

After you set up an inspection, a licensed inspector will thoroughly evaluate your structure in order to determine the extent of the infestation and locate any termite damage. Based on his findings, he will recommend the best treatment options. 

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Let us show you why we're San Diego County and Orange County's #1 termite control experts.
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